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Creating student success

To say that Blugold students in materials science and engineering have unique learning opportunities doesn't begin to explain it —the Materials Science and Engineering Center gives our students the chance to have academic, community and industry experiences that prepare them for this field like no other program out there can.

The instrumentation alone is by far the greatest technical advantage offered by this program to any student in STEM. With an estimated value of $4.5M, the facilities this center provides are simply mind blowing. Students leave this program skilled in using instrumentation that many (if not most) other undergrads have never seen. It's skill development from day one, and the MS+E Center makes it happen.

But in the bigger picture, our students also see from day one how the skills and theories they are learning are applied to real-world situations every day. The industrial partnerships forged through the Center give students the chance to not only see this in action, but to participate in research, problem-solving, and outreach that apply their knowledge in practical ways.

Nano Tech materials science students

Capstone project opportunities

Our students and industry partners both stand to benefit in significant ways by the opportunities the MS+E Center can provide. Each student is required to complete a capstone experience, an individually designed comprehensive project that demonstrates mastery of the major discipline by drawing together theory, practice and policy, and explicitly relates to personal career or educational goals. The university capstone project option allows students to help industry partners with a problem they face AND earn credit as part of their curriculum.

Possible industry issues for capstones

  • Composition
  • Imaging
  • Failure analysis
  • Adhesion and bonding
  • Trace elements analysis
  • Topography
  • Contamination
  • Corrosion
Materials students and staff

Outreach and service opportunities

As part of increased efforts to bring STEM outreach events to area youth, materials science and engineering students have multiple options for participating in fun and innovative community events. They include:

  • NanoDays at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire  which allows students to plan and facilitate lessons and demonstrations in Nano science, geared toward the K-6 audience.
  • Classroom outreach at areas schools, for grades K-12
  • Campus events like STEM Camp, in partnership with Blugold Beginnings, designed to promote STEM studies to young students.
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