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Excellence in Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering

Departmental Honors provides recognition for the highest achieving Materials Science, Materials Science and Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering majors. This program recognizes the achievement above and beyond academic accomplishments through additional experiences in the field.


All students majoring in Materials Science, Materials Science & Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering are invited to apply. Students should have a resident GPA and an overall GPA of 3.50 or higher. Student should also have a GPA of 3.50 or higher in their Materials Science, MS&E, or BME major, and meet the Department's “High Impact” experience requirements (described below).

Application Procedure and Requirements

Submit an application form (available in the Department office) after completing four semesters at UW-EC, but no later than the students’ graduation semester (e.g., during the Spring semester for a May graduate).  A departmental faculty member familiar with the student’s work (i.e., the students’ faculty advisor, research advisor, etc.) must endorse the application.  In addition to the GPA requirements listed above, students submit evidence to the supporting faculty member that at least two of the High Impact experiences (of the seven) have been completed; completing one of the seven experiences twice is not sufficient for Department Honors.

  1. a summer research experience off campus as part of a federal program (NSF, NIST, DoD, etc.)
  2. an appropriate internship related to the student's major
  3. a Study Abroad experience or Domestic Intercultural Immersion experience
  4. an appropriate "professional" presentation, which can be met by either:
    1. any presentation at an off-campus conference
    2. an oral presentation at CERCA, the Provost's Honors Symposium, the WiSys Quick Pitch, or an accepted talk at the departmental seminar series
  5. a faculty/student collaborative research project (that includes a poster presentation at CERCA)
  6. a publication in a peer-reviewed journal
  7. other immersive experience that is approved by the Materials Science & Biomedical Engineering faculty for departmental honors

The application form can be found here: MSBME Departmental Honors Application.

The difference between UW-Eau Claire's materials science and engineering program and other programs is our size. Students receive personalized attention and individualized experiences. We know their names, and we know who they are.

Doug Dunham Material Science and Engineering Center Director
Chemistry honors class

Challenge yourself in the Honors program

You work hard and it shows. Make the most of your efforts by becoming part of the UW-Eau Claire Honors Program. Our faculty makes it easy to map your own college path with seminars, colloquia, independent projects and honors sections of regular courses.

University Honors
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