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Latin American and Latinx Studies Academic Offerings

Latin American and Latinx Studies Majors and Minors

What sets our Latin American and Latinx studies degrees apart are the high level of language proficiency, the minimum three-week international or domestic immersion experience, and the interdisciplinary nature of the program. These factors, along with the breadth of topic area expertise represented by our faculty and staff, make for standout job applicants in all areas of the field and serves as excellent preparation for graduate school in a multitude of disciplines.

The Latin American and Latinx Studies department offers the following programs:

  1. Broaden career possibilities and your perspective with a Latin American and Latinx studies minor. Given the increasing Latino/Hispanic population in the U.S. and the global nature of the economy, an understanding of Latin America is a valuable asset.

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  2. One of only a few programs like it in the region, our unique culture and society major is designed for those who are less interested in developing Spanish language skills and more interested in Latin America and Latinx people.

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  3. Students enjoying a language class outside

    One of only a few programs like it in the region, our exceptional Latin American and Latinx studies - language program will help you to become fluent in Spanish while expanding your knowledge of Latin American history, culture and current events.

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What shaped my learning the most were all the opportunities to use my Spanish outside of the classroom and outside of my comfort zone. Being a LAS student empowered me to teach English abroad in Peru, speak Spanish at work at the local Mexican grocery store, and volunteer for the Touched Twice Clinic through El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley.

Sarah Vowels Latin American Studies

The LAS Advantage

With a Latin American and Latinx Studies program, you can:

  • Become just as fluent in Spanish with our language emphasis major.
  • Spend a summer, semester, or longer in Latin America studying, volunteering or completing an internship, or participate in a domestic immersion experience focused on Latinx communities in the US.
  • Experience an array of courses from multiple disciplines including economics, environmental public health, nursing, geography, art history, math, religion, history, anthropology and others.
  • Enjoy countless opportunities to gain personal and in-depth knowledge of Latin America and Latinos/Hispanics in the U.S.
  • Fulfill many, if not all, of your liberal education requirements through LAS electives and core courses.
  • Prepare for a career in nonprofit, education, health care, law, journalism, international business or any other field in which knowledge of Spanish, Latin America and the Latinx communities in the US can be an asset.
Learning on immersion in Nicaragua
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