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A powerful degree for today's world

Latin American Studies provides an interdisciplinary background that helps students develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and language proficiency. Students also gain knowledge about the cultures, histories, and people of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

At UW-Eau Claire, students in this major will benefit from extensive intercultural immersion experiences and professors and instructors with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences.

On its own as a comprehensive major, or when paired with another field, Latin American and Latinx Studies can increase your career options with a deeper understanding of the Latino/Hispanic experience which many organizations will value, and which greatly enhances K-12 instruction as well.

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UWEC Latin American and Latinx Studies

Several students answer the question: Why LAS? Maybe their answers are what you are looking for too!

The perfect choice for many
Rose Marie Avin at Nicaraguan coffee farm

Latin American Studies Faculty + Staff

The Latin American Studies faculty come from seven different departments across campus and bring a deep passion for the topics and students, and expertise in wide ranging areas.

Worldly experts
Students assisting with farming

What happens during LAS week?

Whether you are an LAS student or not, or an interested community member, be sure to take in the many events planned each fall for Latin American Studies week. It’s all things LAS!

What happens during LAS week?
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