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Immerse yourself

An important part of your academic journey as a Blugold is better understanding people and their culture while in new surroundings. One of the several opportunities you will have to do this during your time here is through a cultural immersion program. These faculty-led experiences focus on interesting topics and can range from a week to semester-long time frames and include travel in or out of the country. No matter which one you decide to experience, one thing they all have in common is the life-changing perspective you will gain.

See what an experience looks like 

The Cajun Watershed and Intercultural Immersion Program brought together several majors and minors from across campus to learn about the Cajun culture in Louisiana.

Examples of immersion programs

  • Embracing the Somali Experience in Midwestern Public Schools
  • Civil Rights Pilgrimage 
  • Cultural Identity in Louisiana
  • Hmong Cultural Practices and Ceremonial Immersion
  • Yosemite National Park: A Sacred Land
  • Sports Sciences and Kinesiology in Japan
  • Hmong Studies in Thailand
  • Social and Environmental Justice Experience to Guatemala
  • Women's Lives and Experiences in Nicaragua
  • Globalization in China
  • Culture, Society and Economics in Argentina
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