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Transformative experiences through languages

This is a place where learning doesn't just stop after you leave the classroom. Blugolds studying languages have the opportunity to expand on what they've learned in other countries during immersion experiences, in workplaces through internships and in research alongside faculty mentors. Your college journey is meant to be transformative, and this is a university full of people supporting you along the way.

Host family in Mexico

My time studying abroad in France was influential in ways I cannot even begin to explain. And participating in undergraduate research with extraordinary professors was very important in my development as an educator. UW-Eau Claire provided all these opportunities that helped me develop into the teacher I am today.

Emma Nickerson Teaching - French and English

Take your skills on the road

One of the main reasons students pick UW-Eau Claire, and specifically the languages department, is because of the importance we put on immersion experiences. We believe there is truly no better learning opportunity than by being enveloped in a culture. Each of the language programs strongly recommend that Blugolds have an immersion experience before graduation.

See the world

Funding to support you

In order to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you during your time here you may need a little boost financially. Blugolds are backed by generous donors and alumni who know investing in students like you is money well spent. There are several scholarships available to only students studying languages and more general scholarships that you can also apply for. Don't miss out on these!

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  • Stay close, go far UWEC also offers intriguing domestic cultural experiences!
  • UWEC students presenting research at yearly CERCA event

    Dig deeper into languages

    This is the perfect place to do just that. Research is a staple at UW-Eau Claire and Blugolds of all majors are encouraged to participate. Learn more about the strong tradition of undergraduate research on our campus and how languages gets involved.

    Find out about research
    UWEC Student at internships fair

    Get your feet wet

    Blugolds are encouraged to participate in one or more internships before they graduate to test out if a career path is right for them. Through Career Services and supportive faculty, students are able to find internships everywhere.

    Learn about internships
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