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Honors is something UWEC does, and does well. First there is the nationally recognized University Honors Program that gives Blugolds the opportunity to participate in engaging, thought-provoking courses. Then there are department honors programs that challenge students to go above and beyond in their specific area of study. Whether you are interested in one or both, you can be sure your academic experience will be top notch.

Spanish Honors Program

Currently the department of languages only offers a Spanish Honors Program. The Honors Program in Spanish is intended for Spanish majors-including Spanish education and liberal arts majors-who have demonstrated excellence in their coursework, and who want to experience the study of languages outside the classroom. The high impact practices required for department honors in Spanish align with such experiences.


Spanish majors who have resident, overall, and major GPAs of 3.50 or higher are eligible for the Spanish Honors Program. Completion of Spanish 302 is required before applying to the Honors Program in Spanish.


An application must be submitted to the Spanish section via an e-form. The e-form will ask that you identify a Spanish faculty member to serve as a reference. The application must be submitted prior to the student's last two semesters of study. That being said, students are encouraged to apply after completing Spanish 302, a course typically taken sophomore year, but no later than their final two semesters.


At graduation, the student must have a resident, overall, and major GPA of 3.50 or higher. In addition, the student must submit evidence to the department chair that two of the following have been satisfactorily completed at a standard of excellence deserving of a recognition in Honors.

  1. A faculty/student collaborative research project with a Spanish faculty member
  2. Advanced Low or higher on an official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview
  3. An off-campus presentation at a conference on a topic related to the major
  4. Completion of a language-related internship approved by a faculty member
  5. Submission of a publication-worthy manuscript to a journal related to the major
  6. Completion of application to the U.S. Fulbright program
  7. Certification as an interpreter by the State of Wisconsin

To see more specific guidelines on the requirements of the Spanish Honors Program please visit the course catalog.

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