Languages Honors Program

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Honors is something UWEC does, and does well. First there is the nationally recognized University Honors Program that gives Blugolds the opportunity to participate in engaging, thought-provoking courses. Then there are department honors programs that challenge students to go above and beyond in their specific area of study. Whether you are interested in one or both, you can be sure your academic experience will be top notch.

Spanish Honors Program

Currently the department of languages only offers a Spanish Honors Program. Blugolds majoring in Spanish and interested in joining can get in by one of two ways.

  • An appropriate score on the Spanish placement test when admitted to UWEC
  • By invitation of the Spanish faculty after a semester or more


A written application for the Spanish Honors Program must be approved by the department chair. After being admitted, students must gain approval of the instructor and chair to enroll in courses as an honors option.


  1. Completion of at least nine credits from honor option courses. Write a report/paper on an approved topic by honors instructor and submit to department chair.
  2. Completion of a project (usually in an honors option course) which is approved as honors work by the instructor and two other members of the department
  3. Maintain resident and total GPAs of 3.50 in the major and in all credits attempted to remain in the program and to graduate with honors in Spanish.

To see more specific guidelines on the requirements of the Spanish Honors Program please visit the course catalog.

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