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Language Academic Offerings

Languages Majors and Minors

Adding a language to your academic journey in any form is something worth seriously considering. The skills and knowledge you will develop help you become a culturally competent individual and employee. Blugolds recognize the benefit of studying a language and in many cases either double major, minor, or obtain a certificate.

The languages department offers the following programs:

  1. Interested in how we got here? Start at the beginning with an ancient studies minor. Enhance your appreciation and understanding of ancient languages, societies and cultures.

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  2. Students in a Chinese language class learning outdoors

    UWEC's Chinese certificate aims to deepen your Chinese language proficiency and cultural knowledge of China and Chinese-speaking regions of the world.

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  3. French students spreading positivity via signs on campus

    Explore a variety of topics, from grammar and pronunciation to the history of French civilization and contemporary societal issues. Our renowned program provides countless opportunities to study abroad or attend a cultural immersion program.

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  4. Rooted in experiential learning, our growing German major provides countless ways for you to enhance your language skills and cultural competency. Enroll in a cultural immersion program, join Der Deutsche Verein or participate in an international internship.

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  5. Students in a Japanese language class writing on white board

    Enhance your Japanese language and cultural proficiency with our Japanese minor.

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  6. Become part of the global movement to revitalize endangered Indigenous languages. Learn how to speak, read, write and understand Ojibwe, all while gaining a better understanding of the cultural backgrounds and experiences of the Ojibwe people.

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  7. Student studying Spanish on a white board

    Rooted in experiential learning and travel, our Spanish major provides countless opportunities for you to grow your Spanish-language skills.

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  8. Pair your love of medicine and the Spanish language with our Spanish for health professions minor. This is a great option for nursing, biology and social work students.

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  9. Share your love of the French language with the next generation with a bachelor's degree in French education. Graduates of the program are certified to teach French to students in pre-K through grade 12.

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  10. Rooted in experiential learning and travel, the German education major will help you share your love of the German language with the next generation, shaping your future students into curious and culturally competent citizens along the way. Graduates of the program are certified to teach German to students in pre-K through grade 12.

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  11. Combine your love for Spanish and teaching with a Spanish education degree. Upon graduation, you'll have the skills, experience and credentials needed to inspire and educate our next generation. Graduates of the program are certified to teach Spanish to students in pre-K through grade 12.

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  12. The teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) certificate is designed to provide the basic coursework for future English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers. This certificate is a popular choice for those who want to teach English in countries like Japan, China, Mexico, Poland, Romania or Korea.

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The department of languages here at UWEC is a very strong area for growth and development. The professors are very passionate individuals and want the students to not only improve their language skills, but also learn about and appreciate diversity.

Kelly Spanish
Mackenzie Grahek on immersion in Chile

Let languages take you places

Modern technology and conveniences have made the world a more interconnected place than it has ever been. People from across the globe are able to interact professionally and personally on a daily basis with ease. Set yourself up for success as an active global citizen by pursuing a degree in a language.

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