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Make memories that will last a lifetime

If exploring museums and historical sites in England and Central Europe sounds like something you dream of – we can get you there! The history department at UWEC has multiple opportunities for you to travel abroad to learn about history in other place.

History faculty are leading three exciting immersion opportunities to study and play abroad this summer.  Check them out!

Central European Travel Seminar (CETS)

Central European Travel Seminar participants

This four-week travel seminar is led by Dr. Teresa Sanislo, Dr. Chia-Yu Hsu from Music & Theater Arts, and Dr. James Rybicki from Physics & Astronomy.  The immersion offers a hands-on understanding of the history and culture of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Poland.  Central Europe has a complex history that includes the creation of multi-national empires, the formation of new nation-states after WWI,  the rise and dominance of Nazism and Soviet Communism, the divisions of the Cold War, and the peaceful grass-roots revolutions of 1989 that brought down the Berlin Wall. The architecture and art of the region has been shaped by leading local figures of important cultural movements from Romanticism to Post-Modernism. From the Renaissance to the "Roaring Twenties," Krakow, Vienna and Berlin emerged as European cultural capitals.

The ethnic and religious history of the region is rich, complex and filled with both impressive examples of multicultural coexistence and tragic histories of persecution and genocide. The program will explore what has made the history of this region unique, impressive and sometimes tragic. It will pay particular attention to the recent developments of the late 20th Century: the fall of communism, the post-communist experience, and post-war immigration.

Students enroll in IDIS 339 spring 2022 semester and IDIS 340 for summer 2022. The application deadline is December 1, 2021.  Want to know more? You will find program details and application information here. Check out this video that will give you much greater insight into the program!

Public History in Great Britain

UWEC students at Stonehenge.

Join Drs. Louisa Rice and John Mann for this course that included London, England — the capital of the United Kingdom and a city steeped in history with countless world-class museums and historical sites, providing an engaging entrée into British public history. The historic University of Winchester (England), a long-standing partner institution of UW-Eau Claire, provides access to venerated spaces in the English countryside such as Stonehenge. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and home to an incredible mix of castles and cathedrals. Liverpool is an old mercantile city built on trade and industry—of which the slave trade played an essential role in its economic success. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland—noted for its iconic castle that overlooks the city.

Students enroll in HIST 401 which will fulfill both R2 (global perspective) and R3 (civic engagement) liberal education requirements. 

Check out the Public History in Great Britain Program

Argentina, Culture, Society and Economics Summer Faculty-Led Immersion

Students on study abroad program in Argentina
Argentina: the height of culture

Dr. Cheryl Jimenez Frei, History and Latin American Studies faculty member, and pend three weeks in the beautiful Mendoza region of Argentina learning about social, political, and economic issues facing Argentina today. Argentina is a unique country with a fascinating history and economy. The Mendoza region, which has a population of about 1.7 million people, is a renowned wine-growing area. While exploring the city, you can expect to see many plazas, gardens, and green spaces. The area occupies a vast strip at the foot of the Andes mountains, which you will visit during the program. 

The program explores the role that Argentina and the Mendoza region play in Latin America and the world economy while experiencing the culture and history of the area. Through lectures from local Argentine faculty at Universidad de Congreso, you will gain knowledge of the local economy, gender issues, social policy, politics & identity, and more. In addition, visits to local wineries, cooking classes, a tour of the Andes Mountains, and exploring a local market will give you insight into the culture and the people.

By being abroad, I was able to see tangible evidence of history. I walked into a thousand-year-old cathedral and I touched the walls of a still-standing Roman wall in Winchester.

Ryan Mikula History

We are excited to offer the faculty-led immersion programs over the summer. These programs allow you to explore the history of another culture and how that impacts the rest of the world. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of study abroad and immersion programs to further develop their education and perspective.

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What's National Student Exchange?

Having a new cultural experience does not have to happen overseas. UW-Eau Claire is one of 200 universities participating in National Student Exchange, which allows students to spend a semester at a campus is one of 49 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada or Puerto Rico. While paying their Blugold tuition rate, students are able to have a whole new academic and cultural experience, progress toward graduation and gain valuable diversity of perspective.

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