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We are investing in your future

We understand that affording college is a serious concern for many students. This is why UWEC offers a large number of scholarships to students every year. These scholarships are set up to help to alleviate the financial stress of college and allow students to focus on their education. We are proud to have very supportive community members and alumni investing in the students at UWEC. Check out and apply for all of the scholarships available specifically for History majors.

Find scholarship information for new incoming students and helpful links here: Scholarships at UW-Eau Claire

Scholarships for History majors

  • Edward B. Blackorby Fund
  • Butterfield American History Scholarship
  • Gary P. Friedli Memorial Scholarship
  • History Scholarship
  • Miller Prize for Outstanding History Papers
  • Jane M Pederson & Ronald E Mickel History Scholarship
  • Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship
  • Herbert and Eleanor Sack Memorial Scholarship

Additional Scholarships

There are many other scholarships available that you may qualify for outside of the History Department. Browse the full list and apply for as many as you would like. Learn more about scholarships at UW-Eau Claire.

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