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Opportunities to leave a legacy

Our students are leaving a legacy of greatness at UWEC, taking advantage of great opportunities in front of them. Our students do not just compete locally with their research projects, but nationally and internationally. Our students are not just focusing on the local history, but traveling across the world to analyze history. Our students also are not just studying in the classroom; they are getting valuable experience through internships. In the history department, we want you to learn through doing. Explore what pursuing a history degree really means.

Megan Henning in Prague, Czech Republic

Studying history provides bright future

Like many Blugolds, Megan Henning came to campus eager to pursue multiple passions — something she quickly accomplished. From working on research projects to participating in student organizations to joining the University Honors Program, becoming a teacher assistant and participating in two international immersion programs, Megan has had many experiences that have helped her grow academically and personally.

And soon Megan can add one more accomplishment to her list. The recent grad has just earned a Fulbright English teaching assistantship in the Czech Republic. There, the soon-to-be history teacher will work with a variety of students, from those in middle school to the college level.

"I look forward to learning more about the country's culture and its people's history, especially because of my love for history," Megan said. "The Czech school system is career-focused earlier on, with more specialty education similar to our charter schools. I am hoping to learn from their system and use what I learn to improve upon my teaching."

The best part of my major is that I had the opportunity to study history beyond the classroom. Studying abroad in Europe has allowed me to see history firsthand rather than only getting to read about it.

Glen Walborn Public History
Student during Civil Rights Pilgrimage

All about history research

The history department at UW-Eau Claire is proud of the extensive research opportunities our students have. We provide our students with real world, hands-on research experience.

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Students on a tour during Public history in England program

Discover study abroad programs

Broaden your education and experiences through study abroad and national student exchange programs. You will create memories which will last a lifetime while learning about the impact of history near and far.

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Student studies artifacts at a museum

All about our internships

Internship experience are valuable hands-on, real world experiences for our students. We encourage all students to find an internship that interests you, whether local or across the country, these experiences are fun and educational.

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