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History Academic Offerings

History Majors and Minors

Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in history at UWEC is anything but boring! Our programs are based around student-centered learning and include hybrid classes, flipped classrooms and active learning pods. You will get plenty of firsthand experience, including the completion of a substantial historical research project during your studies. We may study the past, but what we do is continuously impacting the future of our local and global culture. Discover why studying history is the right path for you!

The history department offers the following programs:

  1. Deepen your knowledge about African people, the African diasporic and African American lives with a certificate in Africana studies.

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  2. Develop a multidisciplinary understanding of European people and cultures. An excellent choice for those interested in history or international relations.

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  3. Learn about the historical development and interactions among nations, regions and global institutions with a certificate in global and comparative history.

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  4. Experience personalized curriculum, research opportunities and endless career paths with a bachelor's degree in history.

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  5. Start your journey toward becoming a public historian with a bachelor's degree in public history. Curriculum explores the theories, concepts, methodologies, research methods and historiographic traditions used by historians. And you'll gain direct experience working alongside public historians during a required internship.

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  6. Explore the issues central to understanding contemporary culture, society and identity with a certificate in the history of race, gender, and society.

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  7. The master of arts in history graduate program is intended for those who wish to increase their backgrounds in history, and for those who intend to do further advanced work in history.

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  8. Our master of arts in history - public history program prepares students for a wide range of career options by familiarizing them with museum work, historic preservation, archives and other public history subfields.

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  9. Study the past — and educate the future. Graduates of the teaching - social studies, history emphasis program earn the licensure necessary to teach social studies and history to students in grades 4-12.

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  10. Broadly explore Asia and the Asian diaspora, and gain knowledge about the experiences of people of Asian ancestry. This multidisciplinary program is designed to be customized to fit your needs, with all 15 credits chosen by you.

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  11. Study our past, explore our present and forecast our future with a certificate in world history and society: past, present, future. This certificate is an excellent choice for those interested in all things related to world history.

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The history faculty is genuinely invested in the well-being of their students. From my experience in the history department, professors take the time to ensure everyone’s success—not only as a student but as an individual too.

Samuel Rossmiller Teaching - Social Studies, History Emphasis

A tradition of excellence

In our history program, we strive to teach our students critical thinking and effective communication by evaluating different interpretations of the past. We teach you to use evidence effectively to understand the meaning and impact of events. Studying history increases your social responsibility as you come to understand your own life experiences as part of a historical process.

We want all of our students to master the essential skills of a liberal education by learning to read critically, manage and analyze information, build logical arguments and write persuasively. Whether you want to work in a museum or teach social studies — you have come to the right place.

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