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Our faculty and staff are everything you would want from a support team during your college career. The past experiences our team has in research and expertise in their areas provide you with amazing resources and support! We work closely with our students to help them discover their areas of interest and help to develop that into something great. We expect excellence out of our team as well as our students, we collaborate in order to achieve success all the way around.

Meet our staff

Oscar Chamberlain
Ph.D., University of South Carolina (History)
M.A., Texas Tech University (History)
B.A. University of North Texas (History and English)
Ph.D., University of South Carolina (History)
M.A., Texas Tech University (History)
B.A. University of North Texas (History and English)
Teaching Interests
United States History
US before the Civil War (advanced courses)
Wisconsin History
History of the Family in the US
World History 
Research Interests
State Constitutional History 
US Antebellum History 
Wisconsin History 
Selika Ducksworth-Lawton
Ph.D. Ohio State University 
Teaching Interests
U.S. Social History
African-American History
Military History 
Linda Glenna
PhD University of Pennsylvania (History)
MA University of Pennsylvania (History)
BA Rutgers University (History)
Teaching Interests
Atlantic History, 1500-1800 
American Colonial and Revolutionary Periods 
Family in American History 
Research Interests
Rural America 
Social Context of Public School Teaching 
Higher Education in Wisconsin
Kate Lang
Ph.D. University of Chicago (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
B.S.F.S. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Comparative and Regional Studies)"  
Teaching Interests
Middle East History 
World History 
Historiography and Research Methods
Research Interests
Arab American History 
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning/History  
Gerardo Licón
John Mann headshot
Ph.D., Washington State University (History) 
M.A., Washington State University (History) 
B.A. Bowdoin College (History and Anthropology)
Teaching Interests
American History
Public History
American Indian History  
Research Interests
American Indian History 
History of the American West 
James Oberly
Ph.D., University of Rochester (History) 
M.A., University of Rochester (History) 
B.A., Columbia University
(Certificate), University of Debrecen, 2008-13. 
Hungarian Language Study.  
Teaching Interests
American Indian Studies 101
Introduction to American Indian Studies: History and Sovereignty History 114
US History to 1877 History 125
World History since 1500 HIST 327
Central European Travel Seminar (summer foreign-immersion experience with students in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, and Poland) History 336/536
Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction American Indian Studies 369/569 / History 369/569
Wisconsin Indian History History 288-489 (seminar sequence in the History major) History 691
Special Topics (course used for Constructing Liberty teachers seeking graduate credit) History 705
Studies in History for Teachers (online classes offered semi-annually for teachers seeking licensure in Wisconsin and needing instruction in Wisconsin Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty) History 711
Readings in US History (seminar sequence offered for masters level students)
Research Interests
From a Multiethnic Empire to the Nation of Nations: Emigrants from Austria-Hungary to the US, 1880-1930,* with Annemarie Steidl and Wladimir Fischer (Innsbruck: StudienVerlag Publishers, 2016). 
Building Excellence: The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,1916-2016,* with Robert J.Gough (Virginia Beach: Donning Publishers, 2016).  
Julius Drachsler's Intermarriage in New York City: A Study in Historical Replication, Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 47,No. 2 (2014): 95-111. 
A Nation of Statesmen: The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815 -1972 (Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 2005)
The Mohican People: Their Lands and Their Lives,
Wisconsin Improvement of Teaching Quality, 2009-2010;renewed 2010-2011. $185,000 Constructing and Reconstructing Liberty, Teaching American History, US Department of Education, 2009-2013. $1,650,000.
Joseph Orser
Ph.D. Ohio State University 
Teaching Interests
Race and Ethnicity
Asian American History
U.S. Foreign Relations 
Daniel Ott, Lecturer

Ph.D, Loyola University

Teaching Interests

US History, Public History

Louisa Rice headshot
Ph.D., Rutgers University (History) 
M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (History) 
B.A. (Hons.), University of Nottingham, U.K. (History)"  
Teaching Interests
World History 
Modern Africa 
Modern Imperialism 
Comparative Genocide  
Research Interests
Modern French and British Imperialism 
French West Africa 
Colonial and Postcolonial theory 
Director of the First Year Experience Program
Teresa Sanislo
Ph.D. University of Michigan 
Teaching Interests
German and European Cultural History
Gender History 
Amelia Serafine

Ph.d., Loyola University

Teaching Interests

World History, US History, Women's History

Reiko Shinno
Andrew Sturtevant
PhD. The College of William and Mary (History) 
M.A., The College of William and Mary (History) 
B.A., Georgetown College (History and Philosophy)
Teaching Interests
Native American History 
Early American History 
Atlantic World
Research Interests
Eighteenth-century Great Lakes 
Native American History 
Current Faculty Adviser for Phi Alpha Theta and the History Enthusiasts 
Patricia Turner headshot
Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (History) 
M.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (History) 
B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara (History) 
B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara (Comparative Literature)
Teaching Interests
Interdisciplinary History 
Modern European History 
Modern France 
History of Antisemitism 
World History
Research Interests
Civil Society, Conflict and Community 
Comparative Revolutions 
Political Biography 
Antisemitism in comparative perspective 
History in Fiction, Fiction in History 
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (Ancient History) 
M.A., University of Pennsylvania (Ancient History) 
B.A. University of Notre Dame
Teaching Interests
Ancient Mediterranean world 
Achaemenid Persia 
Ancient Near East 
Classical Greece
Research Interests
Achaemenid Persia 
royal ideology 
Ancient Near East: Assyria, Babylonia, Elam 
Greek-Persian relations

Faculty members complete comprehensive history book about UW-Eau Claire

As the holidays approach, UW-Eau Claire has a perfect gift idea: the centennial history book titled "Building Excellence: University of Eau Claire, 1916-2016."

Find out about the book

Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Greg Kocken headshot
Janet Seymour
Dr. Soll came to UW-Eau Claire from Lafayette College, in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he was a post-doctoral fellow in Environmental Studies. Prior to his post-doctorate work, Dr. Soll taught at two Boston area universities, Bentley University and Brandeis University. Dr. Soll's teaching style urges students to think about how their lifestyles tie into larger environmental issues. In his classes, Dr. Soll wants students to make connections between systems, like governmental systems and water systems, for example. Dr. Soll's expertise in governmental policy and history allows him to shed light on the relationship between scientific evidence and the policy that restricts it. In the coming semesters he will be teaching classes on environmental history and environmental policy. Many of these classes will be hybrids joining political science and environmental science. Dr. Soll's main environmental focus is on water. In the spring of 2013 he had his book published, Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York Water Supply. It follows the history on the water supply in one of the biggest cities in the world. His next research project will focus on comparing urban water supplies in the developing world. Besides fulfilling the role of a professor, Dr. Soll is a husband and a father. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife Sara and son, Max. Dr. Soll enjoys the outdoors in his spare time;he goes hiking, biking and boating. 
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