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Partnering with the best

We are fortunate to have close working relationships with professionals and experts within our community. We value these partnerships and the experiences it brings for our students. If you are interested in working with the history department faculty, staff and student, please use the contact block below to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and discuss what a partnership with our department looks like.

David Lew teaching in classroom

Center for History Teaching and Learning

Here at UW-Eau Claire, we are dedicated to the advancement of history education. The Center for History and Learning focuses on new technology and pedagogical innovations to further history education programming in our school systems. We work to align our programming with the K-12 standards and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction rules for teacher licensing, professional development and mentoring. We are happy to collaborate with the College of Education and Human Sciences to maintain and advance the Center for History Teaching and Learning for our students. Discover what students are working on within the center!

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