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Your future in preserving our past

We learn a great deal about our world, government, culture and ourselves through the study of history. We are proud to have an amazing history program at UW-Eau Claire. Our students have the opportunity to complete substantial research projects through faculty-student collaboration, take their history studies abroad, and intern across the country. This is just scratching the surface; the opportunities are endless. Join the history department at UWEC and find out where history can take you in the future.

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What can I do with a degree in history?

What do you say when someone asks what you plan on doing with your history degree? That is easy! A degree in history is the start to a very successful career. Our graduates end up at a variety of organizations in a variety of careers. Whether you end up becoming a social studies teacher, a small exhibit coordinator, or an executive at a historical society or private company – our program will have you set up for career success.

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All about history community resources

The Chippewa Valley community is a great support and network for our history students. We value the partnerships we have within the community for internships, research and career opportunities for our students.

How the community gets involved


No events are currently scheduled, but you can view the full calendar here.

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