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Geology Scholarships

Amazing program support

The geology department has been able to forge strong and lasting ties with alumni, community and industry that have brought unprecedented levels of scholarship funds to our students. Thanks to partnerships like the Responsible Mining Initiative and enduring relationships with generous alumni donors, you might find yourself eligible for the kinds of financial backing that make all the difference in completing your degree on time and with less stress about tuition costs. We’ve got your back!

The biggies for comprehensive majors

The following list of scholarships are the heavy hitters for students in this major, and are awarded through the department. Not including a $500 stipend for all field camp student, this comes to nearly $30k awarded each year. See each link for details about application deadlines and process. Selection process varies, but will be funneled through the department.

  • Fairmont Santrol Responsible Mining Scholarship
  • Beckstrom Geology Major Scholarship
  • Paul Myers & Ronald Willis Geology Field Camp Scholarship
  • Unimin Corp. Freshman Geology Scholarship 
  • Unimin Corp. Field Geology II Grant
  • Unimin Corp. Sophomore Geology Scholarship
  • WISA Geology Scholarship
See list of recent scholarship recipients:

Geology Hall of Fame 2020

Montana summer research trip

Summer research in geology

Fourteen UW-Eau Claire geology students receive grant from Unimin Corp. as part of the UW-Eau Claire Responsible Mining Initiative.


General Scholarships

In addition to geology department scholarships and grants , Blugolds who major in geology are eligible to apply for a whole host of Foundation based scholarships across many disciplines. Many of these are open to students in science and math fields, and are generally awarded through a donor based selection process. Be sure to look into the criteria, because each year some scholarships do not receive any applications.

Find scholarship information and helpful links here: Scholarships at UW-Eau Claire

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