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The geology department at UW-Eau Claire, along with the Materials Science Center, houses state-of-the-art analytical equipment that is rarely found at undergraduate institutions. Blugold geology students gain the kind of hands-on experience with the professional techniques that will truly enhance their employment or graduate school opportunities.

In addition to extensive instrumentation, our campus’s physical location provides the perfect field study opportunities just steps from the Phillips Science Hall doors. The Chippewa River and Little Niagara Creek flow through our lower campus, and Big Falls County Park is just 12 miles away, all offering unique options study. The department owns three SUVs to safely transport students to off-campus field areas. UWEC is bordered by a nature preserve known as Putnam Park, with 230 acres of terrain for studying soils and other learning opportunities.

In other words, when we say “field-based curriculum,” that is literally just minutes from the classrooms.

A look at our instrumentation

With nearly 100 unique pieces of high-tech instrumentation on campus, you can analyze your field samples in Phillips Science Hall — a huge advantage for Blugolds. Please see the categories below for the inventory, and we dare you to look for one you can’t find.

We are equipped for your future.

Analytical Geochemistry Equipment
  • Thermo-Finnigan Element 2 Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (HR-ICPMS)
  • JEOL 2010 Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (200kV) (HR-TEM)
  • Hitachi HS-9 Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Hitachi S510 Scanning Electron Microscope with Thermo-Noran system six EDS
  • Bruker Analytical SRS3000 Sequential X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)
  • Rigaku Biplanar automated powder x-ray diffractometer (XRD)
  • Isotope separation laboratory
  • J2-MC refrigerated centrifuge with rotors
  • Labline Model 3476M mechanical convection oven
  • Edwards FTM6 sputter coater
  • FISONS SC502 Au sputter coater
  • FISONS CA508 C sputter coater
  • Microwave oven for chemical digestion
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer w/Graphite furnace
  • Corning Model 610A pH meter
  • YSI Model 32FI specific conductivity meter
  • Digilab FTS-3500 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer with UMA 600 microscope (FTIR)
Mineralogy and Petrology equipment
  • Rapid-quench cold-seal pressure vessels (8)
  • Deltech one atmosphere gas mixing furnaces (2)
  • ThermoLyne one atmosphere gas mixing furnace
  • SPI-53 mineral standards
  • Braunsonic Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
  • Clay preparation equipment
  • Panasonic GP-KS102 Microscope Video Camera System
  • Mitsubishi 26" Video Receiver/Monitor/SVHS CS-2610
  • Olympus Research Petrographic Microscope (transmitted and reflected light)
  • Automatic Petrographic Point Counter
  • Olympus Petrographic Automatic Camera System
  • Nikon SMZ-1B Stereomicroscopes
Sedimentology and Hydrogeology equipment
  • Soil sampling equipment (augers, lysimeters, etc.)
  • Photo Ionization Detector
  • Gilson SS-15 Sieve Shaker and Sieves
  • Mettler BB-1300 Electronic Balance
  • Mettler PM200 Electronic Balance
  • Branson Model B5200RA 2.5 gal. Ultrasonic Bath
  • GilSonic Autosiever Model GA-1
  • Gilson Hydrometer Test Apparatus with Bath
  • QED Air Bladder Groundwater Sampler
  • Geotech Peristaltic Pump/Timco Bailer
  • Blue M Gravity Convection Oven
  • Franz Magnetic Separator
  • RediFlo 2 Pump (well sampling)
  • Slope Indicator Water Level Indicator
  • Brainard-Kilman t-125 Hand Pump Set
  • Corning Checkmate Modular Meter pH and Conductivity
  • On-Campus Well Nest with piezometer
  • ABEM SAS 300C Terrameter
  • ABEM SAS Log 200 Well Logging Unit
  • Solinist Model 3001 Levelogger Edge (M10/F30) pressure transducer s/datalogger
  • Masterflex E/S Portable Samplers (water sampling)
  • Oakton Con 10 Multi Parameter Meters (pH, T, SC)
  • Masterflex Easy-Load L/S 25 Pump Head
Geophysics and Survey equipment
  • GISCO MMTD-60 Thermal Demagnetizer
  • ASC IM-10 Impulse Magnetizer
  • Spinner Magnetometer
  • Magellan Model NAV5000 Global Positioning System
  • Bison Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
  • Gravity Meter
  • Magnetometer
  • Digital Altimeter
  • Bison 8012 Seismograph
  • Bison 2365 Resistivity Accessory
  • Keck GR-86 Gamma Ray Logger
  • Geonic EM34 Ground Conductivity Meter
  • Leitz TM6 Theodolite/tripod/rod
  • Earth Resistivity Meter SAS300
  • Autohelm Digital Compass
Sample preparation equipment
  • BICO Chipmunk Jaw Crusher
  • BICO Enclosed Ring Mill Shatter Box
  • Hillquist Diamond Flat Lap
  • Polimet Polisher/Grinder
  • Hot Plates (12" x 24")
  • Buehler 3 Position Polishing Table
  • Rock Pulverizer
  • Hillquist Thin Section Machine
  • Covington Diamond 16" Rock Saw
  • MK Diamond 12" Rock Saw
  • Gemeni Mineral Separation Table
Computer equipment
  • 22-station Dell High-End Computer Modeling Laboratory
  • HP Laser Printers
  • HP Color Scanner
  • MacIntosh Computers
  • Networked HP Color LaserJet 4550Dn Printer
  • Two Networked HP Color Plotters
  • 12-station Dell high-end ground water modeling laboratory
  • ESRI ArcMap GIS mapping packages
  • IgPet
  • RockWorks geological software
  • MinPet 2.0
  • GeoGraphics (Landmark) Integrated Geological Mapping/Geophysical
  • Processing Packages
  • CorelDraw and Adobe illustrator software
  • Modflow and other hydrogeology programs
  • Surfer
  • Grapher
  • Vulcan (3D mine/well log visualization software by Maptek)
  • Stereonet
  • GeoCalculator
  • Geochemist's Workbench
Local field areas
  • Chippewa River (river discharge measurements)
  • Little Niagara (river process studies)
  • Putnam Park (soil and rock description)
  • UWEC ground water well nests (water sampling, slug tests, pumping tests)
  • Mt. Simon Park in Eau Claire (earth history, type locality of the Mt. Simon Formation)
  • Big Falls County Park (earth history)
  • Little Falls (earth history)
  • Dells Dam (hydroelectric power facility)
  • Eau Claire Wells (water supply for the City of Eau Claire)
  • Eau Claire Waste Water Treatment Plant
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