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When we say this is a field-based curriculum, we mean it.

Blugold geology provides a rigorous field-based program, where traditional geological field skills are uniquely blended with modern technology and computational science. Students use state-of-the-art field-computer systems, GIS mapping software, and high resolution GPS equipment, while also learning traditional "rock-hammer geology".

While many institutions are having to reduce field-based courses, we have garnered generous grants and scholarships to supplement funding, and students are able to have these powerful experiences at little additional cost.

Geology classes at UW-Eau Claire include regular field excursions to the Black Hills and Badlands areas of South Dakota, northern and western Wisconsin, Arkansas, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and many local field trips in the Eau Claire area. Alumni and current students cite the emphasis on field work as the biggest advantage to this program over others — our students are doing from day one.

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Field study courses

Field Camps

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Department of Geology offers a two part field program which is unique in the United States. Replacing a traditional six-week summer field course, the UW-Eau Claire model introduces students to field geology earlier in their program, provides a logical break between introductory and advanced exercises, and provides a low-cost alternative to traditional summer field camp courses. UW-Eau Claire students also need not sacrifice summer employment opportunities due to field camp obligations.

Field research opportunities

In addition to the strong field component in our curriculum, a number of ongoing research programs encourage students to pursue independent research projects in the field, including the following field areas:

  • Lake Superior region
  • Southwestern Montana
  • Ontario
  • Maine
  • Northern Minnesota
  • West-central Wisconsin
  • Swiss Alps

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