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Learning on the job

Offering internships is a top priority for the department of geography and anthropology. Faculty and staff push their students to gain valuable career experience. They also build strong relationships with businesses to give you consistently excellent internship openings. The result is highly educational positions for students who make a significant positive impact on the business they intern with. You could work for an organization like the Environmental Protection Agency or earn an internship in rapidly growing fields such as geographic information systems (GIS) or remote sensing. Come earn a geography degree and get a head start on your career with one-of-a-kind internships.

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I'm a student—how do I apply for an internship?

Good question! We have some simple steps for you to follow. Who knows? With help from faculty and advisors, some hard work and bravery you could land the perfect internship in the field of geography or anthropology. Below are some general steps for finding and applying for an internship.

  1. Search for an internship that you qualify for in career fields that interest you the most. Search online, ask your advisors, professors or contact Career Services.
  2. Prepare your resume, cover letter and references. We know you’ve done some cool stuff, so list your relevant credentials, experiences and skills and don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. You should have all of these documents checked by a friendly staff member in Career Services to make sure it’s just right for the position you’re applying for. View examples of résumés tailored for application to a geography position. Example 1 | Example 2
  3. Apply! Email your résumé, cover letter and references in PDF format or drop off physical copies in person.  
For more information, you can reach out to UW-Eau Claire’s Career Services or contact the department of Geography and Anthropology using the form at the bottom of this page.

I'm a business or organization—how do I hire a Blugold intern?

Our students have the skills to help your business or organization grow! The well-rounded education they receive gives them the ability to work on a variety of projects and tasks. Hiring a Blugold intern also provides fresh perspective, skills in new technology and an opportunity to invest in the future of your industry. Below is a general process for finding an intern.

  1. Identify an area of need that also provides beneficial experience to an intern. These could be special projects or peak periods when extra staff are needed.
  2. Define the timeframe of the internship, including its duration and hours the intern is expected to work in a day and week.
  3. Assess how much staff support the intern position will need. Interns will need instruction to get started and someone who they can go to with ideas and questions.
  4. Create a specific advertisement for the position. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to find an intern that will meet your needs. Below is an outline:
  • Description: overall description of the goal of the opportunity.
  • Duties and Expectations: specific tasks, skills, and outcomes the student will be engaged in. Linking these activities to learning outcomes such as conducting research, GIS analysis, data interpretation, and critical thinking will help attract students.
  • Requirements: Are there certain skills the intern must possess in order to complete the internship. Knowledge of specific software is a good example here.
  • Logistics: details on when the opportunity is available and how long it will be for and what the hours are. If you expect weekly meetings for example, this is a good place to specify that weekly meetings are required.
  • Application: How to apply with contact information and what specific application materials are required.

For more information on the benefits of hiring an intern and how to do so, visit UW-Eau Claire’s Career Services.To inquire about hiring an intern from the department of geography and anthropology please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Internships give Blugold real-world experiences far and near

When Mattheus de Waard begins his internship with a Wisconsin business this summer it will be the second time the Blugold environmental geography major will put his skills to use in a real-world setting.

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New geospatial internships helping Blugolds build skills

A $418,869 grant to support geospatial education at UW-Eau Claire already is making a difference in the lives of Blugolds with an interest in geospatial fields, including new internship opportunities for students.

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Helping shape the future of commercial drone use

Syler Behrens won’t graduate from UW-Eau Claire until May 2016 but she’s already helping to shape how geospatial technologies will be used in the booming commercial unmanned aircraft systems industry.

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