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Preparing for your career

Thinking about your career or graduate school and all the things you want to do after graduation is an exciting part of your journey at UW-Eau Claire. In the department of Geography and Anthropology, there are incredible resources available to you throughout that journey. The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you find success as you navigate your way through the program, and the community of geography and anthropology alumni provide a strong network of mentors, collaborators, employers, and colleagues.

What can I do with a degree?

All kinds of things! Below are just few examples of jobs that alumni from the department have gone on to.

  • Cartographer
  • Cartography Technician
  • Conservation Planner
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Geospatial Analyst
  • GIS Officer
  • Hydrologist
  • Photogrammetry Technician

Helpful resources for your career

Below are some resources we’ve pulled together to help you find job information, career preparation tools and tips, and industry associations that you may be interested in during your career.

Job postings

Wisconsin State Cartographers Office – Browse GIS/mapping jobs in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

Environmental Careers Organization – Find job listings in fields related to environment, ecology, conservation, and more.

Environmental Jobs and Careers – Find links to job postings in environmental-related fields.

Park/Recreation Jobs, Internships, and Volunteering – provides information on seasonal jobs with a focus on outdoors and sustainability.

SCI International Voluntary Service – SCI is a volunteer organization that organizes global projects, campaigns, programs, and education to further their mission of world peace, social justice, and sustainable development.

USDA Forest Service Volunteer Job Opportunities – The US Forest Service manages and protects forests and grasslands in 44 states and Puerto Rico. Find opportunities for internships or jobs after graduation.

Government Jobs in Planning – Find state and local government jobs related to planning.

Planning and Conservation League Environmental Jobs – Find internship opportunities through this California organization that helps protect the environment amidst fast-paced development.

Wisconsin DNR Jobs/Internships
– The WI Department of Natural Resources preserves and enhances the natural resources of WI. Find jobs and internship opportunities here.

National Park Service Volunteer/Internship/Career – The National Park Service offers internships and jobs in over 400 national parks and offices.

Dept. of Interior Careers – View what careers the Department of the Interior has to offer

Professional Associations

Association of American Geographers (AAG) – A nonprofit scientific and educational society that has provided geographical engagement, programs and job listings for more than 100 years.  

Ethnic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) – A forum for the exchange of ideas and common interests among scholars and professors researching ethnic geography.

National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) – This nonprofit organizations works to advance the field of geographical teaching and learning.

Wisconsin Geographic Alliance – A college-based state partnership of teachers and professors focused on enhancing opportunities for teachers and geographic awareness in general.

American Anthropological Association – An anthropology organization that advocates for anthropology and provides many resources for anthropologists.

Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) – WLIA is a professional association that works to foster a network of statewide land information systems. They work with legislatures, support statewide initiatives, and educate members and non-members about the benefits of the Wisconsin Land Information Program.

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) – A society that provides resources and information about the geospatial field.

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