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The geography honors program gives majors and minors an opportunity to take another step in their academics at UW-Eau Claire. Through this program, eligible students work alongside faculty on research, participate in creative learning activities and engage in professional opportunities. The achievement on transcripts and recognition on graduation day doesn't hurt either.


Must be a declared major or minor, have completed the core introductory courses (GEOG 104, 111, 178, and 200), and have resident and major/minor GPAs of at least 3.50.

Application procedures

Student applicants should submit an electronic application for Departmental Honors in Geography to the Department Chair – through the applicant’s advisor – for approval as soon as interested and eligible, but no later than prior to the start of the student’s final semester before graduation.  Department faculty and staff may also identify qualified students and encourage them to apply. Final approval and recommendation for Departmental Honors will be made following satisfactory completion of of all requirements (see below). Please see the Department Chair for more information and application details.

The eform application should elaborate on professional activities, research interests, and aspirations; an unofficial copy of transcripts should be attached.  

How to access form

1.    Go to
2.    Click on the “Start New Form” tab
3.    Navigate to Geography and Anthropology in the “Select Dept” pull-down menu
4.    Select “Geography Honors” form
5.    Start it, save it to finish at a later date, and hit submit button when completed


  • Conduct research and disseminate results:  Satisfactorily complete one substantial faculty-student research collaboration in Geography that results in (a) a presentation at a regional, national, or international professional conference; and (b) an oral presentation to be given to at least three members of the faculty in such forums as departmental capstone presentations, regional conferences, UW-Eau Claire’s annual Provost’s Honors Symposium or professionally comparable venues.
  • Satisfactorily complete GEOG 401 Capstone:  Honors Section, to include a thesis or substantial paper written under the supervision of a Geography faculty member, or publish collaborative research results (see Requirement #1) in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative resident GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Geography courses.

University honors program

In addition to the Geography and Anthropology Department Honors Program, high-achieving Blugolds have another way to experience learning differently through the University Honors Program. This program offers courses with innovative subject matter, plus a community in and out of the classroom.

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