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Scholarship Opportunities Through Forensics

We want to assist our team in any way we can. Grace Walsh developed a generous donation for four to six non-need based scholarships for incoming students who are eager to participate on the forensics team. This scholarship can be renewed year to year as long as you retain eligibility for national competition.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Attend at least three weekend tournaments per semester
  • Develop three different events to take to the tournaments
  • Help host the College and High School Tournaments
  • Attend both Nationals should you qualify for both
  • Retain eligibility to compete at Nationals

Interested in Applying?

You have four tasks to complete if you're interested in the scholarship:

  1. Get a letter of recommendation from your previous forensics coach or from a teacher.
  2. Record yourself performing at least 6 minutes worth of material.
  3. Fill out the online scholarship application in the Gold for Blugolds website! To find our application, log in using your student information and use the Scholarship Search tool to find the Grace Walsh Scholarship.
  4. You will need to upload your performance to this site when asked and you coach/teacher will receive notice to upload their letter.
Want to Make a Donation?

First and foremost, thank you! Our team is the cream of the crop at UWEC and we're excited you want to be a part of their success. There are a few ways you can help the program through your donations.

  1. NEW* To help endow the Director of Forensics Position: Director of Forensics Legacy Fund
  2. To help provide scholarships for current students: Grace Walsh Scholarship Fund
  3. To help the program offset the cost of hosting a national tournament: Forensics Alumni Fund
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