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Our grads are in demand

Whether entering fields such as banking, insurance and community development or continuing on to law school, your economics degree will serve you well. A degree in economics opens countless doors and provides you with extremely marketable skills. Our graduates are well-prepared for graduate school, as well as a variety of jobs, such as economists, market research analysts, financial reporters, teachers, pricing analysts and more.

Prepared for any uncertainty

Beyond illustrious careers, economics graduates are ready for anything that may come. With changes in politics, technology and constantly altering job demands, the study of economics provides critical thinking and deep analysis skills valuable to a wide and varying range of fields. The skills and flexibility offered by economics means our alumni find their ideal career path and also have the ability to change that career path if needed.

How and where are current Blugold Graduates using their economics degrees?

  • 2019 (BS, Economics, Mathematics)
    Graduate Student-PhD, Economics, Iowa State University
  • 2017 (BS, Economics, Mathematics)
    Graduate Student-PhD, Economics, Indiana University
  • 2017 (BBA, Economics, Finance, Mathematics)
    Research Associate, Economics Research Department Federal Reserve Bank-Kansas City
  • 2016 (BA, Economics, Business, Finance, Management)
    Technology Risk Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young-SAP
  • 2014 (BA, Economics, Health Sciences)
    Manager-Health Policy Research, Academy of Neurology
  • 2013 (BA, Economics, Latin American Studies)
    Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, RBC Wealth Management
  • 2012 (BS, Economics, Political Science, Mathematics)
    Graduate Student-PhD, Agricultural, Food & Resource Economics/Economics, Michigan State University
  • 2010 (BA, Economics, Mathematics, German)
    Economist/Air Quality Specialist, South Coast AQMD
  • 2010 (Economics, History, Mathematics, International Relations)
    State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Wisconsin Emergency Management
  • 2009 (BA, Economics, Business)
    Proprietor, Director Winery & Distillery Operations, Infinity Beverages
  • 2009 (Economics, History, Global Studies)
    Global Industry Research Manager (Food/Nutrition), Euromonitor International

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Don't forget to stay in touch with us in the Department of Economics, so we can share your success stories with current and future students. Feel free to email us anytime at or connect with us via Facebook with news about career changes, promotions or graduate studies. And if you are back on campus for Homecoming or an event, let us know. Also, keep up with Alumni Association and Foundation at the links below. 

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