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Economics Offerings

Gain a broader perspective

Sometimes the best way to see the big picture is to dive into the details. The study of economics will provide you with the tools to understand systems as diverse as financial markets, environmental issues, government policy, medical insurance, global economy and social inequities. Our economics program focuses on international and local research and provides a solid preparation for law school or graduate studies.

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire — and specifically the faculty and staff of the economics department — prepared me to be a critical thinker, a problem-solver, and a better citizen of the world.

Anna Cardarella Business Economics

Your goals are clear

When you major in economics you can expect to gain a range of knowledge and skills that will serve you well for a lifetime. We are very proud of the students in our department. Through their hard work, they acquire analytical economic skills and a diversity of perspectives that will contribute to the future health of our society.

Learning outcomes

You really can do research

UW-Eau Claire has a national reputation for excellence in undergraduate research, and the economics department happily claims their role in that status. Opportunities for involvement in research are available every semester, to every student in economics. Don't miss this opportunity -- learn more today.

Economics research at home and abroad

Student in class wearing the economics department T-shirt.

Intensive Instruction

In economics you’ll study the decision-making that shapes our world and learn the concepts underlying the statistical analysis of our global marketplace.

Economics Majors + Minors

Thanks from an alumna

Helué Vázquez-Valverde, a 2016 graduate with degrees in economics and finance, takes a moment before commencement to thank the faculty who helped guide her through her college career. And she also had one more very special thank you to hand out after that.

Gratitude to pay forward

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