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A world of experience behind them

In addition to unparalleled strength and dedication as instructors, the UW-Eau Claire economics faculty members offer a breadth of teaching and work experiences not seen in other departments or on many other campuses: every member of this faculty has either lived or worked abroad, some for many years.

Why is that so significant?

Economics, perhaps more than other disciplines, relies on a deep understanding of global systems, markets and cultures, typically gained at the undergraduate level only through student travel and study abroad. Blugold economics students gain that global expertise right her on this campus, as well as through unique international research opportunities with faculty.

Not many students at other universities can say they practiced for job interviews with their professors on a Sunday afternoon, or had research mentors spend their free time looking for exciting presentation opportunities for their students, or were invited to picnics and home-made dinners. The Economics department became my second family.

Helue Vazquez-Valverde, '16, business economics
Professor Wayne Carroll of economics in front of students in class
Thomas Kemp, director of the economics department

Experts in their field

Our economics department is full of experts who are willing to share their data and expertise with students, campus, and the broader community. When local media need information, they know where to turn.

Local experts
Award-winning research

The 411 about Student Research Day

Dr. Eric Jamelske, professor of economics, answers questions to the Leader-Telegram about CERCA, the campus celebration of student research.

20+ econ presenters each year
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