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Getting experience in the classroom is one thing, but have you ever imagined stepping outside your comfort zone to get other experiences? Through internships, research, studying abroad or immersing yourself in another culture, you can get classroom experience and then some. See what you can do with the many opportunities you'll have while in the computer science program.

Computer Science students

Plug-In to research

Getting involved in student-faculty research means discovering a practice or skill no one else has before. You'll get hands on experience and work closely with a faculty member to dig deeper in your studies.

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Karlgaard Scholarship Recipients

Let us write you a check

Scholarships mean you don't have to worry as much about paying for college. Through generous donations, we're able to provide them.

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Students work together

Killer internships

Internships allow you to test out careers before fully committing to one. This helps you hone in on your skills, while also developing professionalism. Get started on your future while earning your degree!

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