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If you're looking for a program to get you into the exciting world of programming and development, then we believe computer science is the key. The computer science department has developed comprehensive and challenging curriculum to prepare you for the future. Your professors will encourage you and assist you in honing your skills to get you ready for the workforce. Through our departmental honors, student-faculty research, internships and various other opportunities, computer science graduates are prepared for careers as software engineers, software developers, web developers, and more!

What I liked best about the computer science program was how it wasn't focused just on technology itself, but concepts and thinking. It gave me a broader perspective on how things can be solved generally.

Sawyer Butterfield | comprehensive computer science major alum
Students in a Computer Science class

Majors and minors

With a degree in either of our majors, you’ll be prepared to pursue your dreams as a web developer or software engineer. You’ll get a skillset that makes you competitive and gives you the fundamentals you need.

Degree options
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Department honors program

Taking your academics seriously does pay off. Departmental honors can take you further than you could have ever imagined. Through high impact practices your academics will be changed for the better.

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