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Computer Science Majors and Minors

Through an impressive array of courses that span the gamut from the fundamentals to the cutting edge, our computer science department offers it all. Classes are designed to equip you with essential skills for either industry or academia. Special topic courses are offered as electives to complement your experience with the latest research and development technology in the real world. You can practice mobile computing, computer security, cloud computing, data mining, high-performance computing, game development, and robotics.

The computer science department offers the following programs:

  1. Computer Programmer Program type: Certificate Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus
    Software engineering student presenting at a computer programming camp

    The computer programmer certificate will introduce you you to software design, data types, procedural abstraction, digital logic, assembly language, object-oriented design and so much more. Gain a competitive edge in the workforce, including the ability to understand and use specific software and programs often found in the field.

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  2. Computer Science, BA or BS Program type: Major; Minor Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus
    Computer science students standing in front of a projected image discussing

    Immerse yourself in the world of computational methods, systems and models with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Our cutting-edge program will help prepare you for a challenging, lucrative and in-demand career.

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  3. Multimedia Communication Program type: Minor Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus

    The interdisciplinary multimedia communication minor will introduce you to the art of presenting ideas through media. Explore courses in English, computer science, art, and communication and journalism.

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  4. Software Engineering, BA or BS Program type: Major Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus
    Students in a computer science class

    Our software engineering degree program offers amazing opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Participate in hack-a-thons, conduct undergraduate research and network with companies through field trips.

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