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Time to test it out

Internships are a big deal in the communication and journalism world. With so many different career paths you can take after graduation, it can be hard to know if something will be the right career for you. With an internship you get to test out a career, get real world experience, and have a better understanding of what you want to do in post-grad life. Many Blugolds participate in more than one internship to try out all of the different options the world has for them.

Our department takes pride in our students and the great work they do when they begin interning at companies and many times we have places begging for Blugolds as interns. You may even land an internship that could turn into a full time job down the road!

Common internship locations

While all of our students find unique and exciting internships, we do find more of our students interning at local businesses, companies, newspapers, and newsrooms.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin
  • Eau Claire Crush Football
  • Eau Claire Jazz
  • Visit Eau Claire
  • Eau Claire Leader Telegram
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • UW-Eau Claire Admissions
  • UW-Eau Claire Athletics
  • UW-Eau Claire Career Services
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hey current students!

If you're interested in an internship, see where your peers have gone and where you can go. Our department is always getting requests for interns, so keep up to date with who's looking.

Find CJ Internship forms

Focusing on the future

The future is now, people, and getting involved with Career Services early on in your college days will pay off big time when you have a job lined up before graduation rolls around. UW-Eau Claire has a whole area dedicated to helping Blugolds find internships, prepare for interviews, review résumés and anything else dealing with careers. Start focusing on your future now by visiting Career Services.

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