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Communication and Journalism Academic Offerings

Communication and Journalism Majors and Minors

With various majors, minors, and certificates, we're sure you'll be able to find your niche here. Whether you want to be covering the news, working for an organization, creating advertisements for numerous brands, or working closely with a company to communicate to its public audience, there is something for you in the CJ department.

The communication and journalism department offers the following programs:

  1. Learn how to analyze and enhance human communication through theory, research and practice. Explore opportunities to speak publicly, evaluate media and craft strategic messages to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need in your chosen career.

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  2. Our career-building organizational communication program will introduce you to best practices across all types of communication, including organizational, professional, multimedia and interpersonal. Grow your understanding of strategic message design and enhance organizational productivity with this sought-after bachelor's degree.

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  3. Our integrated strategic communication minor is designed to help you become an ethical, effective communicator on multiple platforms.

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  4. Our integrated strategic communication - advertising bachelor's degree immerses you in the fast-paced, exciting world of advertising and promotion.

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  5. An excellent path for those interested in planning publicity strategies and campaigns, the public relations major focuses on how to create a variety of communications, including press releases, social media, website messages, speeches and media pitches.

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  6. Discover the fast-paced world of communication, reporting and research with a journalism degree. Learning how to communicate and report in a variety of formats, you'll explore how to use print, sound, visual images and social media to tell compelling stories. Courses will teach you the tools of the trade, such as shooting video, recording audio, taking photos and editing media.

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  7. The interdisciplinary multimedia communication minor will introduce you to the art of presenting ideas through media. Explore courses in English, computer science, art, and communication and journalism.

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  8. Explore topics such as human rights and environmental concerns, and promote change in a variety of social and political contexts with a social advocacy and change certificate.

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Being a Blugold means that I can learn, grow, and explore exactly who I want to be! I can take on new opportunities and figure out my own strengths and weaknesses. I can be a marketing minor and I can explore nature. I can do research and facilitate a leadership camp! The possibilities are endless.

Maggie Hall Organizational Communication
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