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CJ Offerings

Refine how you communicate

Everyone communicates. Every day you communicate in some way, shape or form, but do you always feel confident or effective? The communication and journalism department takes everyday communication and helps you to recognize, understand, and develop more effective communication skills. Our department offers a wide range of subject areas to prepare you for a life during and after college.

Students who major or minor in communication and journalism may choose to study organizations and how they communicate, how to honestly portray the news in the media, or how to strategically plan messages for the public. Students are assisted, encouraged, and empowered to find the right fit for them within our various degree offerings.

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CJ majors and minors

Because our majors cover so many aspects of communication, we know you’ll be able to find the right fit for you. Learn to cover the news, manage conflict, create effective advertisements, and more through our different degrees.

Find your fit
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CJ Certificates

Even if you don’t major or minor in communication and journalism, we offer three certificates that could help you gain needed skills that will advance your career.

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