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Our Peer Mentors are available to provide Chemistry and Biochemistry students with support for both academic and non-academic challenges, including: Housing, campus life, finding research opportunities, campus transportation, registration questions, choosing a major, time management, and more.

These mentors can help you navigate your path forward in our program and get connected in the student community on the fourth floor.

Floating Mentors are not connected to any specific course section and are intended to be available for all students seeking support. FYO and HNRS mentors are connected to specific CHEM 115 and CHEM 106 lab sections, but are also available to students beyond those course sections.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Peer Mentoring Program is made possible by the generous support of the Xcel Energy Foundation.

  • Morgan Radzius
    Morgan Radzius (she/her/hers)

    Floating Mentor

  • Muhaison Ibrahim
    Muhaison Ibrahim (he/him/his)

    Floating Mentor

  • Celine Liew
    Celine Liew (she/her/hers)

    Floating Mentor

  • Dani Lehto
    Dani Lehto (she/her/hers)

    Floating Mentor

  • Austin Koch
    Austin Koch (he/him/his)

    FYO Mentor CHEM 106 (Dr. Gerlach)

  • Hannah Renslow
    Hannah Renslow (she/her/hers)

    FYO Mentor CHEM 106 (Dr. Cook)

  • Kelly Page
    Kelly Page (she/her/hers)

    FYO Mentor CHEM 106 (Ms. Currie)

  • Victoria Carlsten
    Victoria Carlsten (she/they)

    FYO Mentor CHEM 115 (Dr. Cleary)

  • Harrison Lowater
    Harrison Lowater (he/him/his)

    Honors Mentor (115 Dr. Cleary)

  • Peter Ferrigan
    Peter Ferrigan (he/him/his)

    Honors Mentor (106 Dr. Hati)

  • Alex Narkiewicz-Jodko
    Alex Narkiewicz-Jodko (he/him/his)

    Honors Mentor (106 Dr. Hati)

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