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Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminars

Fall 2021 - Seminar Schedule

Our Fall seminar program features mainly faculty from graduate programs, presenting cutting-edge research highlights and promoting their graduate programs to UWEC students. This term we also feature two of our own faculty, as well as our students that participated in off-campus summer internships.
This is a virtual program taking place on MS Teams* on Fridays from 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm.
*(Except as otherwise indicated)

See your email for link or contact Dr. Sanchita Hati:

September 10: Dr. Sheila Jaswal, Amherst College
     “Lessons from a Quarter Century of Being Human in Protein Science”
September 17: Dr. George B. Richter Addo, The University of Oklahoma
     “The Bioinorganic Chemistry of the Simple Nitrogen Oxides (NOx): Not So Simple”
September 24: Dr. Paul Chirik, Princeton University
     “Iron Catalysis for a Sustainable and Circular Plastics Economy”
October 1: Chemistry Majors, UW-Eau Claire
      Internships/REU Experiences
October 8: Dr. Patricia Cleary, UW-Eau Claire
      “Investigating Lake Michigan Shoreline Ozone Gradients”
October  15: The Safety Team, University of Minnesota
     “Chemical Safety and Hygiene” 
     ***(IN PERSON: Schneider Social Science Hall, Room 312)
October  22: Dr. Karl Clark, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
October  29: Dr. Ying Bao, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
     “Morphology and Surface Modification of Plasmonic Nanomaterial”
November 5: Dr. Michael Shirts, University of Colorado, Boulder
     “How Does One do Methods Development in Molecular Simulation?”
November 12: Dr. Daniel Horton, Northwestern University
November 19: Dr. David Hickey, Michigan State University
December 3: Dr. David Lewis, UW-Eau Claire
     “From the Australian Bush to the Siberian Steppes: Chasing Chemistry and its History”

     ***(IN PERSON: Davies Center, Dakota Ballroom)

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