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A catalyst for your future

UW-Eau Claire's chemistry and biochemistry department offers opportunities many other institutions don't — a world-class education with multiple degree options, numerous faculty-student research opportunities, and courses and labs taught by exceptional faculty and staff.

Here, you'll work directly with top-notch faculty, and because we do not have chemistry graduate students, our professors are much more accessible than those at major research universities — undergraduate education is our prime focus. Yet, our faculty are accomplished teacher-scholars, successful in obtaining external grants to help fund research and acquire state-of-the-art instrumentation. Put simply, at UW-Eau Claire, you will learn from some of the best. 

UWEC provided me with the critical thinking and lab skills necessary to work as a paid summer intern for Univar, a global chemical distributor. The challenging and high-quality chemistry courses prepared me to face whatever problems I might find in the chemical industry.

Anna Waller Chemistry

Student-faculty research is our hallmark. We offer numerous “in-house” research internships, where you can earn credit and/or money, travel to conferences with expenses paid and publish your work in peer-reviewed research journals. In addition to research opportunities, we also offer a major that pairs chemistry with an array of courses from our business school for those students interested in heading straight off into industry upon graduation.

This is a nationally recognized chemistry program known for innovative teaching and undergraduate research, which prepares students for successful careers as well as graduate studies. Our track record of grants, research publications and student presentations, sets us apart from our peers — not only within the UW-System, but nationally as well. Blugold chemistry offers a unique combination of innovative STEM training that provides a marketable set of technical skills, coupled with the liberal-arts base common to all Blugold degrees, which will bolster your overall personal and professional development with both technical skills and people skills.

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