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Take in the Green

Effective November 2022, the UWEC Greenhouses are open to the public by appointment only. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact or call the main biology office at 715-836-4166.

Please contact us in the Biology Department to schedule a tour.

Greenhouse vegetation

Tropical House

Like the name says, the plants in this house are of tropical origin and grow best in warmer conditions. Our collection currently includes over 300 plants from four different biogeographic realms: Afrotropical (mainland Africa, Madagascar, and scattered islands), Australian (Australia, New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands), Indomalayan (India, Sri Lanka, mainland Asia, and Southeast Asia), and Neotropical (South America, Central America, and the Caribbean islands).  Included in this collection are 43 different species of orchids.  

Student tending the greenhouse.

Succulent House

Many plants have adapted to thrive in drier environments like deserts. Get a chance to see around 150 of these types of  species from across the globe. The plants in this house are adapted for arid regions and are some of the most uniquely shaped and featured plants in existence. Come see what we have growing!

Students in the greenhouse.

Can't make it to visit the greenhouses....follow us on Instagram @uwecgreenhouse to see #whatsfloweringtoday.  

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