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Art + Design Student Orgs

Creatives stick together

The Department of Art + Design offers two exciting student organizations - the Art Student Association and NOTA, a student art and literature publication called None of the Above. Each group offers great social and service opportunities. For more information about them, check out each group below.

If you would like further details, please visit the university's page for Student Organizations.

Art Student Association (ASA) 

The Art Student Association plays a significant role in developing and organizing artistic activities. The group was formed on the UWEC campus in April 1975. The purposes of the organization are to:

  • promote visual arts within the campus and the community at large.
  • organize and sponsor a variety of art events.
  • recommend further development and utilization of educational opportunities for art students.
  • develop criteria for the analysis of curriculum offerings so that recommendations can be offered to the art faculty.

All students who demonstrate an interest in the visual arts are eligible for membership. Regular members must be UWEC students. Meetings are held as needed, and officers are elected at the first meeting of every academic year.

None of the Above (NOTA) 

While this is primarily an English department organization, the publication features the work of Blugold art and design students each semester. NOTA is UW-Eau Claire's free award-winning student literary and fine arts publication funded by the Student Senate & Finance Commission. Their mission is to showcase art, literature, and music created by UW-Eau Claire students and assert the arts as an integral part of the community. The books represent dedicated collaboration and creative inspiration amongst students of multiple disciplines.

Through Open Reads and biannual publications, NOTA fosters a supportive atmosphere and creative community. Students are encouraged to express themselves and raise awareness about issues significant to them.

Each volume's content is determined by the student group. Submissions for the publication are held at the beginning of every semester. The group strives for transparency in the selection process to provide opportunities for student engagement.

Check out NOTA on Facebook. 

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