Art + Design Scholarships

Funding your talent

The timeless cliché of the starving artist is not always a joke. Between the costs of education and art supplies, many students often find themselves exploring brand new corners of their wallets or purses. Thanks to the generous donations of alumni and friends of the department, we are able to help alleviate some of the financial burden for deserving students.

Available scholarships

Every spring semester, majors and minors in the department can apply for scholarships to be awarded in the next academic year. Students graduating in December will receive awards in full during the fall semester. Each application requires standard academic information, a formal letter addressed to the Scholarship Committee, at least two recommendations, an unofficial transcript, and a portfolio of 10 best artworks.* There is also an option to submit a financial need statement for students who do not meet financial aid requirements. After the selection process, recipients are announced at the Foster Gallery's Annual Juried Student Art Show reception.

*Portfolio only required for art (studio/design) and art education majors or minors.

Application Timeline

Recipients have been selected for the 2018-19 academic year. If you are interested in a scholarship for the 2019-20 academic year, applications are accepted from January 1, 2019 until March 22, 2019.

Available Scholarships

Find scholarship information and helpful links here: Scholarships at UW-Eau Claire

  • Charles and Ann Campbell Art Scholarship
  • Andrea Cecchini Memorial Art Scholarship
  • James H. Christoffersen Visual and Performing Arts
  • Patrick Danen Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward S. Fish Art Scholarship
  • Ruth Foster Fund
  • Herbert Friend Art & Design Scholarship
  • Tom Grewe Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Gretchen Grimm Art Education Scholarship or Award
  • Stephen Katrosits New York Field Studies Scholarship
  • Klinger Art Scholarship
  • Randolph Koelsch Art Scholarship
  • Edward Haugen 'Ted' Leslie Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Josette T. Migawa Arts Education Scholarship
  • Gerald W. Newton Scholarship
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