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What can I do with my degree in Art + Design?

In addition to their creative visual talent, graduates in the fine arts have become equally known for their entrepreneurial skills. From eCommerce websites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay to social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, artists are finding a myriad of avenues to successfully and globally promote and sell their work. And that's just about income from selling one's own work. There's so much more!

Major employers of visual arts graduates

  • All organizations needing graphic design of any kind
  • Government or private museums and galleries
  • Auction houses
  • Photography studios 
  • Public and private art schools
  • Arts councils 
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media production and publication companies

Where are Blugold art and design grads working? Examples:

  • Associate professor, University of Montevallo
  • Art director, Curb Crowser Design, MSP
  • Designer, Worrell Design, MSP
  • Senior art director, Best Buy Corporation, MSP
  • Art director, Target Corporation, MSP
  • Senior art director, Ulta Creative Inc., MSP
  • Gallery Assistant, Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Assistant professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

It's much more than a profession or career — being an artist is a life. One must be prepared to engage in the work in a very deep way compared to other paths they may take. Art & Design at UWEC helped me to understand that in a fundamental way — they encouraged my passion for both art and teaching and aimed to expose me to what it truly means to be a contemporary working artist. I had numerous excellent teachers in my time at UWEC and reflect on my education in the department with a lot of gratitude.

Sara Black Painting
Alumni Nowobielski

Alumni + Foundation

After Blugolds leave campus, they continue to impress us. Whether it be obtaining an awesome career, serving our community, or just doing something awesome. Read about what our alumni are up to.

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