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Get out of the classroom

What students in our American Indian Studies program quickly learn is that the bulk of the "real learning" happens outside of the classroom. Cultural studies like AIS are about people — their history, their culture, perhaps their language — and understanding all that in meaningful and applicable ways. That can't happen within the walls of our campus classrooms.

Our AIS students will interact with American Indian communities and tribal members throughout the program. These interactions will come in the form of field trips in connection to coursework, internships, immersion programs or research projects offered through the cultural immersion programs office, campus events, and student organization related programs.

Student experience through AIS
Students on the Pine Ridge immersion trip at the Wounded Knee Memorial

Immersion is key to AIS

A central element to the American Indian Studies program is extensive opportunities for cultural immersion, at local, regional, and national levels.

Absorb culture first-hand
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