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The American Indian Studies Program is committed to the in-depth study of cultures, values, history and contemporary life of Indigenous nations and peoples of North America. Through a blend of courses of various disciplines, interactions with American Indian professionals, elders, and peers, students will develop abilities and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the issues.

Students electing to major in American Indian Studies will encounter a wide range of subjects that pertain to an understanding of American Indian culture, society, history, and leadership. They will be prepared to work in tribal government, education, human services, health care, and other areas, as well as for graduate study.

My capstone examined learning communities, in the hopes of establishing as Inter-Tribal LLC at UW-Eau Claire. I am currently a graduate student at Northern Arizona University in the Counseling- Student Affairs Program and I work for Housing and Residence Life as a Graduate Assistant for Residential Learning Communities.

Joelle Edwards, AIS and psychology major,'16

American Indian Studies: Culture, value, and history

The AIS Program is committed to the study of cultures, history and contemporary life of Indigenous nations and peoples of North America. This program allows students to tailor their plans to their interests in multiple academic and social avenues.

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Debra Barker's Native American Short Story class.

AIS major + minor

The major and minor in American Indian Studies is open and flexible to student preference and creativity in course and discipline combinations, making it individualized.

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American Indian short story class

Certificate in American Indian Studies

An 18-credit certificate in American Indian Studies can be a perfect companion program for many different majors, anyone whose work may require knowledge of history and sovereignty of Indian Nations.

A career asset
Beaded belt, Newman colleciton
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