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American Indian Studies Academic Offerings

Tailored to your interests

The American Indian studies program is committed to the in-depth study of cultures, values, history and contemporary life of Indigenous nations and peoples of North America. Through a blend of courses of various disciplines and interactions with American Indian professionals, elders, and peers, students will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the distinctive lifeways, politics and histories of a number of tribal nations.

Students electing to study American Indian Studies will encounter a wide range of subjects that pertain to an understanding of American Indian culture, society, history, and leadership. They will be prepared to work in tribal government, education, human services, health care, and other areas, as well as for graduate study.

The American Indian Studies department offers the following programs:

American Indian Studies Major, Minor and Certificate

The American Indian studies minor helped me learn how to discuss current issues regarding not only my tribe, but others as well. It encouraged me to consider different points of view on important issues.

Gabrielle White American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies: Culture, value, and history

The AIS Program is committed to the study of cultures, history and contemporary life of Indigenous nations and peoples of North America. This program allows students to tailor their plans to their interests in multiple academic and social avenues.

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