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You can't go wrong

When you choose to become a part of the College of Arts and Sciences you instantly become a part of a diverse community made up of several different departments and programs. You will learn from chemists, musicians, philosophers and everyone in between who take pride in leading you through your academic journey. And when you have completed your degree based in the liberal arts and sciences, you will become a confident leader in your next journey. Explore the range of departments and programs in the college below.

Dr. Josh Brown is being recognized nationally for his innovative teaching of German.

Developing 'Sprachgefühl'

Dr. Josh Brown uses everything from German written regalia to German soap operas to help his students not only master the German language but also to understand the diversity of the people and cultures where German is spoken.

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Dr. Kim Pierson

Going the extra mile

A UW-Eau Claire sophomore public relations major shares her first-person story about how a patient physics professor inspired and motivated her when she found herself struggling in her science class during her first semester as a college student.

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