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Recognizing outstanding faculty and staff

The College of Arts and Sciences grants three awards each year. This page provides background on the awards and recognizes those who have received them. Each award has unique features, but commonalties across the awards include teaching effectiveness, contributions to student learning and scholarly activities.

Career Excellence in Teaching Award

The College of Arts and Sciences Career Excellence in Teaching Award will identify and honor a member of the College of Arts and Sciences faculty or instructional academic staff with a sustained record of at least 15 years of highly-effective teaching. The awardee will receive College-wide recognition and $1,000.

The awardee will demonstrate the ability and practice of motivating students and encouraging active learning; developing and assessing effective teaching methods and curricula; organizing learning experiences that enhance student learning and development; engaging students in high-impact practices; staying current with scholarship in their field; leading campus and/or professional dialogue on teaching and learning; and serving as a leader and mentor in teaching.

Past Recipients of the Career Excellence in Teaching Award:

  • 2023 - Crispin Pierce, Professor of Public Health and Environmental Studies
  • 2022 – Kristin Schaupp, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • 2021 – April Bleske-Rechek, Professor of Psychology
  • 2020 – Allyson Loomis, Associate Professor of English
  • 2019 – David Lonzarich, Professor of Biology

Janis Annette Haywood Faculty Development Award

Janis Annette Haywood Faculty Development Fund Award are available to faculty and instructional academic staff in the College of Arts and Sciences. The fund honors Janis Annette Haywood and was established by her family in November 2016. This award recognizes the outstanding work of the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences and encourages continued professional development and scholarly pursuits. The key basis for the award is recognition of faculty contributions to student success.  Awards support faculty development projects and initiatives, especially in the areas of assisting faculty in enhancing their teaching skills, engaging in high-impact practices with students, and/or advancing their scholarly activities in the context of contributing to student success.

Past Recipients of Janis Annette Haywood Faculty Development Fund Awards:

  • 2023 - Elena Casey, Assistant Professor of Languages
  • 2022 - Wanrudee Buranakorn, Professor of Art & Design
  • 2020 - Carla Lagorio, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • 2020 - Kelly Murray, Senior Lecturer of Biology
  • 2019 - Patricia Turner, Professor of History
  • 2019 - Martina Lindseth, Professor of Languages

The Maxwell Schoenfeld Award

The award, which was created in honor of Dr. Maxwell Schoenfeld, a UW-Eau Claire history professor and scholar from 1964 until his death in 1996, recognizes a commitment to the university, excellence in teaching, achievement in scholarship and a commitment to student learning and life.

Each year in the Spring Semester, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will convene the chairs and directors of the departments and programs in the humanities to select the next year’s recipient of the Maxwell Schoenfeld Distinguished Professorship Award. The award will be announced at the final Spring meeting of the College.

Tenured Faculty who work primarily in the humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible for the award.

Criteria to be considered by the selection committee are commitment to the institution, achievement in scholarship and/or potential, excellence in teaching, and commitment to student life.

The award will be an unrestricted cash grant for professional development derived from interest accrued to the Maxwell Schoenfeld Professorship Fund in the University Foundation. The money is provided to benefit research and teaching as determined by the recipient. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences may request the recipient to give a public lecture or its equivalent during the academic year.

Past Maxwell Schoenfeld Distinguished Professorship Award recipients:

  • 2023 - Jessica Miller, Professor of Languages
  • 2022 – Lee Anna Rasar, Professor of Music and Theatre Arts
  • 2021 – Patricia Turner, Professor of History
  • 2020 – Jyl Kelley, Professor of Art & Design
  • 2019 – Theresa Kemp, Professor of English
  • 2018 – Anne Hlas, Professor of Languages 


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