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Our Vision

As a leader in liberal arts and sciences education, the College of Arts and Sciences sustains a diverse academic community of faculty, staff, and students. Through this community we create, integrate, and disseminate knowledge, and foster in our students the development of critical thinking and other intellectual skills along with the attitudes and abilities that enable them to live as educated, engaged, and empowered leaders and members of society.

Our Mission

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the principles that human knowledge is one of our most valuable possessions; that colleges and universities have a special societal role and responsibility to safeguard, transmit, and build that knowledge; and that our most important contributions are to educate students who appreciate knowledge, have the capacities to use it effectively and responsibly, and develop the potential to contribute new knowledge (after Gardner, 2005). And we recognize our special responsibility as professors and teachers –the persons who embody the most central and important relationship students will develop as active learners on campus. Thus we respect the principle that the academic, social, and personal development of students is inevitably influenced by the actions and values of faculty and staff. We serve those principles by creating an academic environment that provides an effective education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences for every UW-Eau Claire student. We make these contributions through the accomplishment of our mission: 

  • To educate students in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences and thereby help them become effective, engaged, and contributing citizens. This means we will provide a) in-depth study and coursework for students majoring in liberal arts and sciences disciplines; b) broad foundational coursework for students in other colleges; and c) all other forms of liberal education within and beyond the classroom to teach the legacy of the human experience, the complexity of our world, the wealth of different ways of knowing, the richness of integrated knowledge across disciplines, and the power of intellectual and leadership skills. 
  • To create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge and understanding in all of our disciplines through research and creative work, with students as essential participants and contributors. 
  • To commit the knowledge and expertise of faculty and students to the betterment of society, tailoring programs to meet community needs and engage the interests of our fellow citizens. 
  • To teach by example the value of personal and social responsibility. We will strive for excellence, contribute to our community, conduct ourselves with personal and academic integrity, honor the perspectives of others, and guide our reason by moral and ethical principles.
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