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During your first two semesters at UWEC, you may submit a WRIT Portfolio to attempt to modify your placement in a Blugold Seminar Course (for example, a student placed in WRIT 114/116 might receive a modified placement to WRIT 118/120). In some cases, the WRIT Portfolio can fulfill the University Writing Requirement altogether. The fee for submitting a WRIT Portfolio is $75 and it is nonrefundable. Submitting a WRIT Portfolio does not guarantee any particular outcome. Your placement might remain the same after portfolio review.

The submission of a WRIT Portfolio is limited to new students and transfer students through the student's second semester at UW-Eau Claire. Portfolios submitted by September 15 and January 15 will be considered during their respective semesters; portfolios submitted after these deadlines will be considered the following semester.

By submitting a WRIT Portfolio, you agree to postpone taking your Blugold Seminar course until the next term (that is, if you submit a WRIT Portfolio by September 15, you will not take a WRIT course in the fall; if you submit by January 15, you will not take a WRIT course in the spring). WRIT Portfolio results will be sent before registration for the next term begins. 

Portfolios are reviewed by several faculty members, and are assessed according to whether or not they demonstrate competency in the Blugold Seminar Learning Outcomes: Rhetorical Knowledge, Research and Inquiry, Writing Craft, and Digital Literacy.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Deadlines for Submission September 15 January 15

Should I submit a portfolio?

Portfolio Process

Any incoming (first year or transfer) student is welcome to submit a WRIT Portfolio during their first two semesters at UWEC. 

Before you decide to submit a WRIT Portfolio, you should determine your initial placement in WRIT courses at UW-Eau Claire, which you'll receive during summer orientation, or you can determine using your UWENGL placement test score or AP English scores and the information on the WRIT Courses and Placement page. Discuss your placement information with parents/guardians, teachers, guidance counselors, and/or college advisors to determine if you should attempt to modify your placement by submitting a WRIT Portfolio.

Your portfolio will be anonymously reviewed by two Blugold Seminar faculty and by the director of the Writing Program. All reviewers will use the same rubric to assess your work. You may view the rubric at this link. Feel free to consult this rubric as you prepare your portfolio.

Self-Survey Tool

The following self-survey will help you decide if you should submit a portfolio or not. Please check all that adequately describe you:

___ I like writing and English classes. 
___ I generally feel confident about my writing skills. 
___ I am confident helping others with their writing. 
___ Other relevant attitudes: _____________________________________ 

___ I have had relatively positive experiences with writing in and out of school. 
___ I earned a 3.5 or higher average GPA in my high school English courses. 
___ I graduated in the top 10% of my class. 
___ I took AP English. 
___ I took other college prep classes (AP, IB, other advanced/accelerated courses). 
___ I took a college course while still in high school (e.g., dual enrollment, Youth Options, Academic Alliance, CAPP). 
___ Other relevant experiences: _____________________________________ 

What do I submit for a portfolio?

Portfolio Submission Requirements

WRIT Portfolio submission requirements are: 

  1. A self-assessment essay
  2. An analysis paper
  3. A documented, research-based project
  4. Writer's choice

Before beginning the submission process, please review the overall expectations as well as the detailed descriptions of the required components of the WRIT Portfolio. Each of the four components of the WRIT Portfolio will share the following characteristics:

  • Must be wholly original, representing your own work and ability.
  • Must have been written within the past two years.
  • Must be clear electronic copies (without any teacher comments or grades) in pdf or MS Word format.
  • Must not contain any identifying information (for example, your name or student ID).
  • May have been produced in any course (not just an English course) or in a non-academic context, and may have been revised for the purpose of submission to the WRIT Portfolio.

Details on the Requirements

1. Self-Assessment essay

This is a very specific kind of essay that you need to write exclusively for this portfolio. Do not re-use a similar essay from a different class. You are asked to select five (5) of the learning outcomes for the Blugold Seminar at UW-Eau Claire and explain how the documents in elements 2-4 of your portfolio clearly demonstrate these skills. Approximately 1000 words.

2. Analysis paper

This paper should demonstrate your textual analysis skills. These kinds of papers typically have an argumentative and analytical thesis supported by clear and compelling textual evidence. The strongest analysis papers for a WRIT Portfolio will apply rhetorical terms and concepts to a text.

3. Documented, research-based project

The paper or project should demonstrate your ability to do college-level research; to find, evaluate, and integrate relevant source materials; and to write a sustained, research-based discussion or argument.

4. Writer's choice

This element can include one stand-alone paper/project, or it can be comprised of up to four shorter pieces (for example, another paper or digital project of any genre, such as blogs, podcasts, journalistic pieces, creative work, writing for community organizations, etc.).

Elements 2-4 together should total 12 pages minimum. There is no maximum page limit for your portfolio, but you should remain within reasonable limits.

Please remember that all material you submit for the WRIT Portfolio must be your own original work; submitted portfolios will be subject to annual randomized checks for plagiarism. Please know that a lack of familiarity with plagiarism and academic dishonesty, UW System policies for academic integrity, or the Blugold Code does not exempt any student from sanctions for academic dishonesty.

How do I submit a portfolio?

All portfolios must be submitted electronically. No paper or emailed portfolios will be considered. You will need the following materials:

  • Your UW-Eau Claire email account as well as Blugold ID#. If you do not have these, contact New Student Orientation via email ( or phone (715-836-5053).
  • Clean copies of your work (without any teacher comments or grades) in pdf or MS Word format. Feel free to revise this work before submitting. Remove all identifying information, if possible. Remember that all material you submit must be your own original work and all submitted portfolios will be subject to annual randomized checks for plagiarism.
  • A check or money order for $75 payable to UW-Eau Claire. All portfolios will be considered on a rolling basis if payment is postmarked by September 15 or January 15.
  • A completed payment submission form.

To submit your WRIT portfolio, go to the WRIT credit by portfolio submission form. After you submit your portfolio, mail the completed payment submission form with your check or money order.


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