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Winterim 2022

Winterim is a great time to get ahead of the upcoming semester, catch up on a class you missed, or an opportunity to stay on track and continue working toward a degree.

The details:

  • Winterim begins January 3, 2022, and ends January 26, 2022
  • Winterim courses are available to current students, students attending other universities during the year, or interested non-degree seeking students
  • Financial aid may be available; contact Blugold Central to learn more
  • Registration began on October 4, 2021
  • Earn up to four credits in January -- Students need approval from the Associate Dean of the College to exceed four credits
Why take classes during winterim?

Why take classes during winterim?

  • Catch up on your degree requirements
  • Take a class you couldn't fit into your schedule last semester
  • Get ahead and stay on track
  • Take advantage of small class sizes, more interaction with faculty, close collaboration with your classmates, and fewer distractions
Courses Offered

A few of the courses offered are below. For a searchable list of courses offered, click here. See the Catalog for course descriptions.

If you are not currently attending UW-Eau Claire and would like to search the Class Schedule, information can be found here

  • AIS 101, Intro to American Indian History and Cultures, 3 crs (online)
  • ART 312, Digital Imaging and Design, 3 crs (online)
  • BCOM 206, Business Writing, 2 crs (online)
  • BIOL 315, Reproductive Physiology, 3 crs (online)
  • BSAD 305, Legal and Regulatory Environment, 3 crs (in-person)
  • CHEM 161, Chemistry and Culture of Food and Cooking, 3 crs (online)
  • CJ 301, Intercultural Communication, 3 crs (online)
  • CRMJ 342, Confinement and Corrections, 3 crs (online)
  • DNCE 101, Dance Appreciation, 3 crs (online)
  • ECON 103, Principles of Microeconomics, 3 crs (online)
  • ES 385, Social Foundations: Human Relations, 3 crs (in-person)
  • FIN 320, Principles of Finance, 3 crs (in-person)
  • FLG 165, Amish in North America, 3 crs (online)
  • GEOG 135, Intro to Geospatial Analysis, 3 crs (online)
  • HIST 284, The Nazis and Germany 1914-1945, 3 crs (online)
  • MATH 113, Trigonometry, 2 crs (online)
  • MUSI 112, History of Rock and Pop, 3 crs (online)
  • NRSG 220, The Language of Health Care, 1 cr (online)
  • PHIL 101, Intro to Philosophy, 3 crs (online)
  • PHYS 315, The Mysterious Universe, 3 crs (online)
  • PSYC 121, Intro to Child Life, 3 crs (online)
  • RELS 110, Basic Issues in Religion, 3 crs (online)
  • SOC 310, Principles of Demography, 3 crs (online)
  • SPED 400, Inclusive Practices for Elementary Educators, 3 crs (hybrid)
  • THEA 101, Theatre Appreciation, 3 crs (online)
  • WGSS 206, Perspectives in LGBTQ Studies, 3 crs (online)
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

You must have a FAFSA on file for the current year, be registered at UWEC, and maintain at least half-time enrollment for Spring semester to be eligible to receive Winterim financial aid. To apply for Winterim financial aid, log in to CampS and go to the Financial Aid tile. Once it is available, there will be a button to Apply for Winterim Aid. Please contact Blugold Central if you have questions.

Tuition + Fees
  • Tuition and fees are on a "per credit" basis. For additional information, Blugold Central has a complete listing of tuition and fees. Check under Student Finances / Tuition & Fee Schedule.
    • NOTE: Some courses may charge additional fees. See note at top of fee schedule. 
  • Newly admitted degree-seeking undergraduate students and transfer students are required to make a $100 enrollment deposit. This is refundable up until the day before the first day of classes. No PAC is required for Winterim enrollment, although students are encouraged to meet with an adviser.
  • FULL PAYMENT is due on January 3, 2022, to avoid finance charges. Balances remaining after the due date are subject to a $15 administrative service fee, in addition to finances charges.  
  • Deadline to cancel Winterim registration and receive a full fee refund is January 2, 2022.
How to apply
Current UW-Eau Claire students
  • Current students can register through MyBlugold CampS
  • No PAC is required for Winterim enrollment, although students are encouraged to meet with an adviser
Students enrolled at another university or non-degree seeking students

Students who are not UW-Eau Claire degree-seeking students may come as "Special Students." Students fill out the UW System application. Click on Special Student (undergraduate or graduate) after registering as a new user. Find more information about coming as a special students at Admissions.

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