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Learning at the Center

During spring semester 2020, academic affairs leadership determined that the new academic strategic plan should focus on teaching and learning and its centrality to the mission of UW-Eau Claire. After a pause for the pandemic, and with the assistance of the Academic Strategic Plan Advisory Group those themes and proposed action steps were shared with a wide variety of stakeholders in academic affairs during spring semester 2021. The Academic Strategic Plan Advisory Group will gather additional feedback via survey and discussion groups during fall semester 2021.

The emerging plan:

  • Focuses on teaching and learning, broadly defined, as the core of our institutional mission
  • Describes one loop in an iterative cycle that moves us forward toward meeting our mission
  • Identifies critical steps we will take before 2025 but does not attempt to identify all the work carried out in Academic Affairs
  • Provides space for all faculty and staff to contribute to one or more plan goals
  • Assumes collaboration within academic affairs, with governance, and across divisions.

The 2025 Academic Strategic Plan is centered on four main goals:

Goal 1: Further distinguish the UW-Eau Claire teaching and learning experience

Goal 2: Expand student academic engagement

Goal 3: Develop innovative academic programs

Goal 4: Reconfigure workload to empower innovation in teaching, scholarly and creative work, and the co-curricular academic experience

Each of these goals will be supported by actions that align with the goals of UW-Eau Claire’s 2025 Strategic Plan: Distinction in Health and Wellbeing; Leadership in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Integrated Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity in All Disciplines, An Exemplary Education, Nationally Distinctive Partnerships, Sustainable Campuses, Achieve Our Guidepost Goals, Grow Enrollment, and Invest in Faculty and Staff.

The final plan will be released early in spring semester 2022, but faculty and staff are already moving forward on projects to support these goals. During summer 2021 faculty and staff worked on committees focused on faculty/student engagement, first-year academic programming, integrating research into the curriculum, integrating EDI in courses, and exploring workload possibilities. Members of the division also gathered in a “Blugold Brainstorm” to talk about how we can build collaboration and advance health and wellbeing through our work.  During the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years the academic departments and programs as well as co-curricular and student support units in academic affairs will focus on further enhancing student academic success through transparent design and engagement strategies.

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