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One of the main bridges connecting our campus to the community is under construction until the fall of 2016. Please allow extra time when traveling to see us!

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Scholarships to support your education

Now that you know you are going to college you may be wondering, "how am I going to pay for this?" Helping you become a Blugold is our top priority. UW-Eau Claire gives out $525,000 in scholarships to students like you each year!

Scholarships are awarded in various amounts and are based on a number of criteria. Some scholarships are awarded automatically based on your college application, while others require that you fill out a separate application. Check out all of the scholarship opportunities that are available to you, and make sure to apply for scholarships before our priority deadline of December 1 for early awards or February 1 for other awards.
How do I apply for scholarships?

Follow two simple steps to view a full list of scholarships and start applying!

How to apply

Browse our scholarships

Click on the categories below to see details about our scholarships.

Freshman Honors Guarantee | $1,000

All incoming freshmen invited to join the University Honors Program during their first fall semester receive a guaranteed $1,000 scholarship based on the following criteria:

  • 28+ ACT (1310+ new SAT) and in the top 5% of high school class (or a GPA of 3.95 if class rank is unavailable or #1 in your high school class)
  • 29+ ACT (1350+ new SAT) and in the top 10% of high school class (or a GPA of 3.95 if class rank is unavailable)
  • 30+ ACT (1390+ new SAT) and in the top 15% of high school class (or a GPA of 3.95 if class rank is unavailable)
University Honors Program | N/A

If you meet the criteria above, you are offered an invitation to the University Honors Program. (Don't meet the automatic criteria? Contact us; we'd love to talk about a holistic invitation to the University Honors Program: or 715-836-3621.)

Local Blugold Scholarship | $6,000

Guaranteed award of $6,000 ($1,500 per year, renewable for up to an additional three years for students who maintain a 3.25 total college GPA at the end of each academic year) to all admitted freshmen who graduate from one of the local high schools listed here. Students must also have an ACT of 25 or greater (1200 or greater new SAT) and rank in the top 25% of their class (or 3.5 GPA if class rank is unavailable) at the point of admission. The Local Blugold Scholarship will be available for incoming freshman classes of 2017 and 2018. Questions? Contact Danielle Widmer at or 715-836-5409.

National Merit Scholarship | $2,000+

Incoming freshmen will be awarded up to $20,000 over four years. Once attending UW-Eau Claire, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to continue receiving this scholarship. If five scholarships are exceeded, students are guaranteed a minimum scholarship up to $2,000. Questions? Contact Zach Boerner at or 715-836-5415.

Out-of-State Student Scholarship | $2,000

Guaranteed award of at least $2,000 to out-of-state new freshmen who meet the basic scholarship eligibility criteria (ACT of 25+ or new SAT of 1200+ and top 25% of graduation class or GPA of 3.5 if class is unranked). Students must reside in states other than Wisconsin or Minnesota and be considered non-residents for tuition purposes.

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship | $2,250

Valued at $2,250 for up to four years. (Awarded by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation)

25+ ACT score + top 25% of class = eligible for merit based scholarships
*New SAT equivalent is 1200+
**If no class rank, GPA of 3.5+ on a 4.0 scale


We have a variety of merit-based scholarships available to students who are admitted and are eligible to apply based on the criteria listed above. Many of the scholarships can be applied for by filling out a single application, while others that require a separate application are noted below. We encourage you to apply for scholarships before our priority deadline of December 1 for early awards or February 1 for other awards.

Centennial Scholars | $5,000

This scholarship combines tuition aid with accessibility to Blugold Signature Experiences: $2,500 is applied to tuition, while the remaining $2,500 can be used any time through the end of senior year to participate in a study abroad or immersion experience, an internship, and/or undergraduate research experience.

Blugold Fellowship | $5,400

Students work with faculty members to conduct collaborative research during freshman and sophomore year. $1,500 each year and a $1,200 work stipend.

Chancellors | $1,000

Recognizes students who have challenged themselves to achieve excellence.

Mark of Excellence | $3,000

Recognizes students who have challenged themselves to achieve excellence.

Blugold Promise | $1,000+

Students get $1,000 their freshman year. Those who perform well academically will receive $500 or more as a sophomore.

Diversity Achievement | $2,000

Recognizes multicultural students who have demonstrated academic achievements, community service, and school leadership.

Diversity Scholars | $24,000

Recognizes multicultural students who have demonstrated academic achievements, community service, and school leadership. Amount over 4 years with a 3.0 GPA.

Blugold Beginning Learning Community Scholarship | $1,000

Recognizes multicultural students who have demonstrated academic achievements, community service, and school leadership. Requires acceptance to the Learning Community (no separate application required).

Hoeppner | $5,000+

Renewable for an additional 3 years, and will be given to students with significant financial need and from economically challenged rural areas in Wisconsin.

CHAASE | $5,000

Health Care Administration: Preference will be given to students from states other than MN or WI who have volunteered or worked in a senior care setting.

*Karlgaard | $20,000

Computer Science: Awarded over 4 years. Must maintain a 3.3 GPA or higher, be involved in research their junior and senior years of college, and be declared as a computer science, software engineer, or computer engineering major. *Separate application required.

*Unimin | $1,000+

Geology: Upon meeting requirements, students will be eligible for one of four $2,500 Unimin Corp. Sophomore Geology Scholarships *Separate application required.

*Simpson Fund | $1,000

Geography: Upon meeting requirements, incoming first-year and transfer students will be eligible for one of six Simpson Fund Geography Scholarships -- $1,000 in the first year and renewable for $1,500 in the second year with satisfactory progress toward the geography degree. *Separate application required.

Sentry | $2,500+

Accounting and financing, business administration, computer science, health care administration, information systems, management, marketing, or math. Renewable with 3.3 GPA in one of the above majors.

Transfer | $1,000

Incoming transfer students who are eligible at the point of admission, are admitted before March 1 (for the following fall term), and have a minimum transferable GPA of 3.5 are eligible to be considered for all applicable awards. Note: Nontraditional students (freshmen or transfer) will be reviewed for applicable scholarships at the point of admissions prior to March 1.)

Incoming International Student Scholarship | $1,000 - $5,000 

Must be admitted to UW-Eau Claire as an incoming international student.

Incoming Israeli Student Scholarship | $2,000

Must be admitted to UW-Eau Claire as an incoming international student from Israel.

Hanoi Amsterdam High School Scholarship | $5,000 

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize and mobilize outstanding students from Hanoi Amsterdam High School in Hanoi, Vietnam. The scholarship aims to attract Hanoi Amsterdam students to UWEC as some of the best and brightest students. Renewable for up to nine semesters;students selected for this scholarship are not eligible for incoming international student scholarship 

  1. Must be a graduate of Hanoi Amsterdam High School
  2. Must apply as an international student and be admitted to UWEC (U.S. citizens and permanent residents are not eligible)
  3. Not available to students participating in the Intensive English Program
Application Procedure:
Submit an international student application and all supporting documents by the deadlines. There is no separate application for this particular scholarship.

Application Deadlines:
Fall (September) semester - May 1st
Spring (January) semester - November 1st

Scholarships available only at UWEC

Our students are the best thing we can invest in. That's why we have created special scholarship opportunities that are only available at UW-Eau Claire. Not only can you benefit financially, but the experiences these opportunities present are priceless.

Blugold Fellowship

Get paid to do research and work alongside faculty! This unique opportunity offers you up to $5,400 to collaborate with a faculty member on important projects during your first two years of college. Gain in-depth knowledge and valuable hands-on experience. Your work may even be published nationally!

Seizing opportunities

"Being a Blugold Fellow helped give me even more research opportunities. I don't think I would have gotten the same opportunities at another school." - Tayo Sander II | Rhodes Scholar

Learn more about the Blugold Fellowship

New scholarship supports high-impact experiences

We know the value of experiences like undergraduate research, and now offer a new scholarship to help make it possible for more Blugolds.

More about the Centennial scholarship

We're just getting started!

There are many scholarship opportunities available to incoming students that aren't listed here. Make sure to check out the full list of scholarships.

All scholarships


How to apply for scholarships

Freshmen and transfer students who have been admitted are eligible to apply for scholarships. If deadlines for scholarships are quickly approaching, you may begin your application prior to admission.

Step 1:

If you have not done so already, you will need to activate your account.

To activate your account, you will need the following information:

  • your username and campus ID (which were sent in an email when you applied or are on your admit letter)
  • birth date
  • last four digits of your social security number, or your UWEC PIN that you were sent in a separate email (if you did not provide us with your social security number)
Step 2:

After activating your account, apply online for scholarships. Sign in using your UW-Eau Claire username and password. Once you're logged in, select the Admissions Scholarship Application (Freshman, Transfer or Nontraditional), as this single application will automatically apply you for the majority of incoming student scholarships.

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