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International Fellows Program (IFP) Application Information

The International Fellows Program is accepting applications for 2015-2016. Please refer to the links below for the current Request for Proposals and other application materials. A proposal may be submitted by any member of the collaborating team. The next application deadline is October 31, 2014 (submit a signed paper copy to Schofield 208 by 4:30 PM), and all proposals will be reviewed after that date. Applicants will be notified within 6-7 weeks after the deadline about award decisions.

IFP Funding Cycle: The International Fellows Program will have three calls for each fiscal year. The second and third calls will be subject to availability of funds.

  • Deadlines for Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015)
    • October 31, 2014 (submit a signed paper copy to Schofield 208 by 4:30 PM)
    • January 30, 2015 (if funds are available)
  • Deadlines for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)
    • October 31, 2014 (submit a signed paper copy to Schofield 208 by 4:30 PM)
    • January 30, 2015 (if funds are available)
    • June 12, 2015 (if funds are available)
Eligibility: UW-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff with .5 FTE or greater appointments are eligible to apply. Student researchers must be degree-seeking undergraduate students at UW-Eau Claire at the time of application and throughout the research project. Graduate students are not eligible for this Blugold Commitment funding. At least one student on the research team must have a minimum of one additional semester at UW-Eau Claire after the project is completed to help disseminate research on campus and to ensure research is completed. First time applications are encouraged and will be given preference.

Program Requirements:

  1. Applicants must demonstrate some financial support from their college, department, unit or division as part of application.
  2. Mentor(s) and student(s) must spend a minimum of three consecutive weeks, including travel, in the host country and all projects must occur during the Winterim or Summer terms so as not to interfere with semester academic and administrative commitments. For faculty on sabbatical, fall and spring projects are also possible.
  3. Student(s) are required to enroll in a 1-credit Independent Study/Directed Study within the Faculty/Staff Mentor's department during the semester before or after IFP travel.
  4. Mentor(s) must be on-site with students during the entire duration of the project, faculty/staff are not allowed to travel to other regions or other countries and leave students unsupervised.
  5. The region of the host country to be visited cannot be under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning, per University Policy. For a current list, please visit:
  6. Project objectives should be clear, reasonable in scope and timing, and clearly placed within the theory and methodology of the academic discipline.
  7. Proposals that included research service-learning should demonstrate the support of a community partner and the appropriateness and feasibility of the service project (a letter of support from the collaborating partner would be helpful).
  8. Mentor(s) and/or student(s) must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the host country culture and language to complete the proposed project.
  9. Funding recipients are expected to present their scholarly outcomes at UW-Eau Claire Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity (CERCA) and/or UW System Symposium. Students are also encouraged to present their results at other discipline-specific research venues.
  10. Any benefits to the campus community should be clearly stated (e.g. internationalization of course content; establishing international connection for future research; promoting ongoing, sustainable, economic, social and educational development; making contacts for faculty or student Fulbright, etc.).
  11. Funding requests that make a demonstrated effort to keep costs down for travel, supplies, and in-country expenses are strongly encouraged.
  12. Faculty or academic staff will be required to submit a final report on Qualtrics at the end of the project and include copies of all TERs, and students must complete an online evaluation.
  13. No funding will be approved if previous IFP final reports are incomplete.

Research Definition: For the purposes of this grant program, the International Fellows Committee defines the term "research" as any original, investigative, or other type of scholarly activity. As such, the proposed work may include a variety of original and creative efforts directed toward the advancement of knowledge and understanding within any academic discipline. The committee recognizes that methods of inquiry vary among disciplines. Methodologies used in the basic and applied sciences, for example, will likely differ from those in education. Nonetheless, all proposed projects must meet the following criteria: 

  1. demonstrate a degree of originality and independence on the part of the student(s), 
  2. clearly stated research goals, (3) a realistic methodology that appropriately addresses the goals, 
  3. a clear and reasonable timeline, and (5) results or products with potential for publication, presentation, and/or dissemination through other acceptable means of professional communication or expression. 
If you are looking to create a faculty-led study abroad program, please redirect to the CIE's Opportunities for UW-Eau Claire Faculty page.

Please Note: The goals of the Blugold Commitment are to extend access and affordability to these exceptional high-impact practices for all UW-Eau Claire undergraduates, to ensure that more of these opportunities are available for these students, and to increase the numbers of students who participate. Therefore, while UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in multiple high-impact immersion programs, each student is eligible to receive BCDT funding for only one IFP experience. any student who has participated in a previous IFP experience is not eligible to receive funding through BCDT for a second IFP experience.

For additional information or questions:
Shanti Freitas, Intercultural Immersion Coordinator
Phone: 715-836-6037

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