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Be the leader you were meant to be

Push yourself to the limit and come out of college with the leadership skills that will take you far. The Army ROTC program is designed for students who want something more out of their college experience. ROTC courses and trainings allow you to explore leadership and team-building on a whole new level. Once you are ready to graduate the skills you learned in ROTC will translate in any career field you choose.

Get paid to go to school

As a contracted ROTC cadet, you will receive substantial scholarships that help cover tuition, housing and other expenses, including airfare and tuition for international study. You also will be paid a nontaxable monthly allowance of $300-500 additional spending money while you are in school.

Take training to the next level

Learn on campus and around the country through a variety of training opportunities. Go to Georgia to become a paratrooper. Travel to Kentucky to Air Assault School. These are just a few of the awesome training options offered by the ROTC program at UWEC.

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