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The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Sport Facilities include the McPhee/Olson Complex, Simpson fields, Bollinger fields, Hilltop tennis and basketball courts, Towers field, and six volleyball courts around campus. These facilities host a myriad of activities from Recreation programming and drop-in play, Athletic practices and competitions, and classes.

Assumption of Risk

The UW-Eau Claire Recreation and Sport Facilities Department offers a variety of programs for individual and group activities. Programs involve strenuous physical activity and rigorous exertion, including, but not limited to, intramural sports, personal training, aerobic dance and exercise, weight training, stationary bicycling and the use of various aerobic-conditioning machinery found at the Crest Fitness Center, McPhee/Olson, Bollinger Fields, etc. The University Recreation and Sport Facilities Department also offers a variety of classes for physical activity and instruction. In addition, staff is available at each location to assist people on an individual basis and to answer questions.

Participants must understand that these activities are potentially hazardous and that fitness and athletic activities involve a risk of injury and even death. Risks include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back/foot injuries, and drowning. Participants must be in sufficient physical condition to accept a rigorous level of physical activity. Anyone with questions in this area is advised to contact their personal physician.

Participants must also understand that the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire does not provide blanket medical coverage to students, staff or visitors and that the University strongly encourages participants to carry health insurance that provides comprehensive medical and emergency room coverage. Participants must agree to abide by the instructions, rules and regulations for the specific activity as indicated by University Recreation and Sport Facilities. Furthermore, participants agree to be considerate of fellow participants and to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner.

Participants use the facilities voluntarily and are responsible for their own health and safety.


The following individuals are entitled to use the Recreation Facilities:
All UW-Eau Claire students who have paid fees can access recreation facilities during the period for which the fee is paid. Students must present their current valid University ID (Blugold) card to gain access. Current UW-Eau Claire and emeriti faculty and staff who have paid fees and who also possess a valid UW-Eau Claire ID card may access facilities.

Opportunities for Participation

The University Recreation and Sport Facilities Department offers programs in four different indoor facilities and on acres of outdoor field space. You may pick up more detailed information and schedules at the facility of your choice. Sport Clubs provide a more in-depth sport experience that may include instruction, practice, and competition with other colleges and universities. Fitness programs include cardio, step, water and total body conditioning classes, and fitness training at Crest Fitness Center. Open Recreation is the opportunity to participate in unstructured physical activity such as lap swimming, walking/running, or basketball. Intramural Sports and Special Events provide a variety of competitive sports.

Recreational resources for persons with disabilities is a collaborative referral effort designed to enable those with a disability to participate in recreational activity.

Lost & Found

University Recreation and Sport Facilities is not responsible for lost or stolen items. However, we do operate a Lost & Found service at each facility:

  • Crest Fitness Center - Inquire at the Front Desk.
  • McPhee/Olson - Inquire at the Open Recreation Office.
  • Bollinger Fields - Inquire at Recreation Central or the main Recreation office located in Hilltop Recreation Center

Open Recreation

Open Recreation is designed to provide students/faculty with a setting where they may participate in a variety of recreational activities in an open and relaxed environment. All programming takes place int he McPhee Physical Education Center and Ade Olson Addition.

There is NO cost to participate in the program, and all UW-Eau Claire students, faculty & staff, and their spouses are eligible to use the facilities. Participants must show their UW-Eau Claire ID/Spouse card each time they participate. Current ID cards from other universities are accepted; children are allowed to use the facilities on weekends when accompanied by their parent(s). Community members have the option to purchase the indoor running track pass which can be used during select hours.  The fees for the track access are $15/month, $60/6 months, $100/year