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CampS: Dropping Classes (Students)

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You can drop a class from your schedule, as long as you are within the registration deadlines, using the Student Center. The process includes selecting the classes you wish to drop, confirming the selection, and viewing the results.


  • This document deals with classes that you have already registered for. If you have placed classes in your shopping cart, but have not finalized enrollment, you are not yet registered for those classes and do not need to drop them.
  • If you have registered for classes and wish to drop all the courses you registered for, you will likely run into an error when you try to drop the final course, notifying you that you cannot drop this final course, as it would put you beneath the minimum required units. If you wish to drop this final class, contact Records and Registration. You will need to provide the course name and the term from which you would like to drop the course.
  • For information on dropping classes after the second week of the semester, see the Records and Registration web page. Changes after this date require a Change of Registration form and may have effects on your academic standing.
  1. Log into CampS
  2. Access the Student Center.
  3. In the Academics section, click Enroll.
  4. Click the Drop tab.
  5. If multiple terms appear, select the term you are editing.
  6. Click Continue.
    The Selection page appears.
    drop classes
  7. Select the class(es) you wish to drop.
    NOTE: A class is selected when a checkmark appears in the Select column.
  8. Click Drop Selected Classes.
    A Confirmation page appears.
    confirm drop
  9. Review the information on the Confirmation page.
  10. Click Finish Dropping.
    The selected courses are dropped from the edited term, and the View Results page appears.
    view results

    NOTES: This is an important step to make sure that your schedule is accurate and that the classes you wanted to drop have been dropped.
    In the Status section, if a checkmark checkmark appears, this indicates a successful drop. If an "X" x appears, an error has occurred, and you have not been dropped from the class. In the Message section, you will receive further instructions to help you determine why the classes were not dropped.

  11. Check your schedule to make sure that it reflects your changes.

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