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CampS: Searching the Class Schedule

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When you are getting ready to register for classes in MyBlugold CampS, you need to find classes in the class schedule for the desired term. This article provides information on searching for classes in the class schedule.


Accessing the Class Schedule

  1. To access the Student Center, click MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Click Main Menu.
  3. Click Self Service.
  4. Click Student Center.
  5. In Academics, click Search.
    Search Preview

Searching for Courses

  1. Access the Class Schedule.
  2. The Institution pull-down menu should default to UW-Eau Claire. If another institution appears from the Institution pull-down menu, select UW-Eau Claire.
  3. From the Term pull-down list, select your desired term.
    Search Criteria
  4. (Optional) From the Course Subject pull-down list, select the desired course department.
  5. (Optional) From the Course Number pull-down list and text box, select the desired parameter and type the three digit course number.
  6. (Optional) From the Course Career pull-down list, select the desired academic career.
  7. (Optional) Click Additional Search Criteria and define any additional desired search criteria.
  8. Click Search.
    NOTE: If your search criteria is too broad or too narrow, you may receive an error message. Return to the Class Search web page and try again.
  9. For more information about a class,
    • Click the section link.
    • Note any enrollment requirements (e.g., prerequisites, junior standing, a particular major) and textbook information.
    • To return to the Search Results page, click View Search Results.
  10. Click Select Class to place the class in your shopping cart.
    NOTES: After you select a class, a green circle means the class is open, while a blue square means a class is closed. Some courses have both lecture and discussion sections; you will generally need to register for both sections to be fully enrolled in the course. Only the first few sections of a course may be initially displayed; to see all the offerings, click View All Sections.

Search Criteria Terms

Course Subject: Specifies department.

Course Number: Specifies the course's three-digit number, as listed in the university catalog.
NOTE: This is not the number you will use to register.

Course Career: Specifies undergraduate or graduate courses.

Show Open Classes Only: Only show classes with open seats.
NOTE: This box is automatically checked.

Meeting Start Time and End Time: Search for classes meeting at a certain time.

Day of Week: Search for classes meeting on specific days of the week.

Instructor Last Name: Search for a specific instructor's classes.

Class Nbr: Search by the course offering number for a specific term.

Course Title Keyword: Search for a keyword in the class title.

Minimum and Maximum Units: Search according to the number of credits.

Course Component: Search only for lectures, labs, independent studies, etc.

Session: Search by class session.
NOTE: The most common session is Regular Academic Session.

Mode of Instruction: Specify online or in-person courses.

Location: Search for classes on or off campus.

Course Characteristics: Search for courses using specific categories, such as Cultural Diversity, GE, or Foreign Culture.

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